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    road to puerto plata from santiago

    rumor has it the road is washed out from all the rains in some places--can anyone confirm? are the buses still running between the two? how is the traffic going to be for the holiday week?
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    academic director for Creighton University in the DR

    Creighton University is a Jesuit Catholic University of 10,000+ students including graduate, medical, law, and undergraduates in Omaha, Nebraska. In conjunction with the Jesuit community, the University has established a study abroad program for American students from Creighton and other...
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    Santiago Women's Club meets Thursday

    Just an open invitation for any international women to join us for lunch tomorrow, thursday, jan 11 at noon at la campagna in Santiago (on carreterra duarte just past union medico on the right going towards licey). Ours will be the table with all the english speaking women laughing about our...
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    desperately seeking pumpkin!!!

    please, the turkey dinner hangs in the balance! I live in santiago and have been to pricemart, sirena, and nacional and canned pumpkin is no where to be found! if anyone has any or knows where I can buy some please pm me asap!!!!
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    love jet blue!

    had the greatest trip down here yet on jet blue this week! I had 15 minutes to make a connection with the flight from JFK to STI (due to an air traffic control delay at JFK) and not only did the jetblue people make sure i made the flight but my bags made it too! better by a mile than AA or...
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    place to buy a catamaran???

    so if we wanted to buy a new or used little catamaran, anyone know a good place to go? HB you'll never guess where we want to use it!
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    place to go for Christmas

    our family will be here for the Christmas holiday. we want to avoid the beach but how are the mountains during this time? anyone know a good place to go that is not just a hotel maybe around jarabacoa--i'm dreaming of a cabin with fireplace and a one horse open sleigh-keep dreaming, huh?
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    santiago iinternational womens' club meeting

    For any english-speaking women of any foreign country living in the Santiago area, the small but ever so fun international women's club is meeting this Thursday at 9:30 am for coffee. No dues, no formal membership, we usually get together a couple time a month for a variety of activities from...
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    english speaking music teacher in santiago??

    anyone know a good english speaking music teacher in santiago for kids?
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    overnight currier from miami

    I know i read this post on here last year about how you can set up a p o box in miami where people can send stuff to that will then send it overnight here for an additional fee much less than fed ex. can anyone help me find that thread from last year or the company to do it here in santiago?
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    any 4/5 yr old kids in santiago?

    we are looking into hiring a private kindergarten tutor for our 4/5 year old for next school year and are wondering if there are any other families in the santiago area with 4/5 year olds interested in joining us. the tutoring would be in english for at least 3-4 hours a day (although learning...
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    best ways to get to other islands?

    we would like to do some touring of the caribbean--yes, i know it doesn't get better than the DR but there is still a big world out there! what are the least expensive ways to island hop? ferries? boats? charter or commercial? and any insights on places to go would be great--
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    any soccer leagues out there?

    i'm sure i'm just dreaming but does anyone know of any soccer leagues or even teams out there for kids. for being so popular in the rest of latin america it just doesn't even seem to exist here!
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    kids' books in english available!!

    The Santiago Christian School is hosting a scholastic book fair next week March 20-24 from 8am to 5 pm in the school library. I don't know any place in Santiago to buy kids' books in english so this is a great chance to stock up and avoid shipping fees. Some books in spanish will also be...
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    las terranas regata

    anyone have any info on this? like time, dates, etc.
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    lmiami herald by listin dario in english

    I have heard (and seen up in pop) a miami herald printed by listin dario in english. does anyone know if you can get this anywhere in sti?
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    international women's club in santiago

    a few months ago I asked about an international women's club in santiago with no response. well, to let you know there is one, a great one, that is truly international; women from the U.S., Belgium, Holland, Chile, Venezula, Canada and more meet at least monthly at the HUB in Santiago. Some...
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    need a good spanish tutor in santiago

    I am looking for a good spanish tutor in santiago. someone preferrably who is available 2 or 3 mornings a week for a few hours. it can be one on one or small group. also, how much should I expect to pay for this service?
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    pediatrician in santiago

    I'm looking for a pediatrician in santiago who speaks english, preferrably at union medico. Also a chiropractor for kids. I've searched the postings on this subject but they are several years old. can anyone make any good recommendations?
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    international women's club in santiago?

    I was reading through an old post by Monica and she said there was an international women's club in Santiago. anyone know anything about it? or Monica de Goerd (??-that was her post name).