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  1. NanSanPedro

    Using a shipper (ie, BM Cargo) as your permanent address in the USA

    I don't own or rent a home in the USA. Right now, I'm using my sister's address for a mailing address. Would there be a problem if I just changed my permanent address to the BM Cargo address? I'm not sure if it's legal. Thanks Pedro (my new name)
  2. rogerjac

    Birmingham Alabama Shipper

    Im looking for a shipper to ship barrels from Birmingham to sosua. This is for a friend.
  3. A

    Shipper to Sosua

    Looking for shipper to Sosua for 27#box or 62lb 3 boxes. NY or MIA or elsewhere.
  4. B


    I need to ship a barrel to Santiago I'm in New Jersey anybody know of a reliable shipper.
  5. K


    Does anyone out there know of a shipper in the Worcester/Boston area of Massachusetts that ships door to door to the Dominican Republic? I have some small pieces of furniture to ship down to the north coast. Thanks Ken
  6. Luperon

    best current barrel shipper from orlando/ocala area

    A friend needs a recommendation to ship a 55 gallon barrel from the orlando / ocala florida area. thank you
  7. A

    Best Shipper in Sosua to use shipping from States?

    It seems there are new shipping services in Sosua. Only interested in shipping to Sosua not Cabarete. I am looking for the best one and best priced to ship prescriptions from U.S.A. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. T

    Barrel shipper Orlando to B?varo needed.

    Anyone know a barrel/box shipper from Orlando, FL to B?varo? Thanks, any details appreciated.
  9. R

    Mudanzas: Post your shipper

    As the title thread states, I would like to start collecting the list of Mudanza/shippers from USA to DR. If you can, please provide this information on the Mudanza/Shipper company you use: Name of Company Contact Person Phone number Location (city, state) Approximate cost for shipping a BOX...
  10. hammerdown

    Name or Number for shipper to USA

    Hey I want to send a barrel to the USA. I don't know who to call. Anyone have any ideas for the north coast? Do they do pick ups? Anyone have an idea on the cost as well? Thanks
  11. W

    Looking for car shipper from USA

    I'm looking to import two cars from the USA (Pennsylvania, but I don't mind shipping to another port, if advantageous). I could ship them to Jaxport and use Trailerbridge, but they only ship to Puerto Plata, and I've heard that that is not a good option. Haina is better. I don't mind using RORO...
  12. W

    Customs broker shipping car

    Hi. The last thread I found on this dated from 2009 and the broker suggested has disappeared. I have found two cars I want to import from South Carolina. My first question is: Does anyone know an honest customs agent/broker who can help me clear these? Second question: Right now I am looking...
  13. A

    Miami Shipper Recommendations?

    Anyone recommend a shipper from Miami to Sosua?
  14. W

    Vimenpaq - opinons on them as a shipper from Florida to the DR

    We just called this company Vimenpaq (809)-532-7388, web site is, (the web site does not appear to be working at the moment) which works out of the local Western Union office. They ended up with a box that was supposed to go to EPS for me. EPS had changed their address in...
  15. 6

    Looking for Inport broker and cheap shipper.

    Hello i am looking for an import broker and shipper to help with imports of Cosmetic products and Designer clothing and ***. from Toronto canada to Sosua DR. Thank you.
  16. A

    Shipper needed from West Coast of US

    If you know of a good shipper from (in order of preference): Portland Oregon, Seattle Wash., or L.A. to Sto. Domingo, please let me know. In the Legal Forum I posted: I need specific procedures for how a new resident brings in his belongings from the US without having to pay customs...