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    Mary Rose, Sosua

    I went down to hangout in Sosua's nightlife for the first time this past weekend. I usually hangout in Cabarete. My family/friends chose to stay with Rick at his Mary Rose apartments. We were quite pleased with the setup. The units were super clean, AC was excellent, hot water no issues...
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    What would you do? - cleaning lady advice

    Hummmm where to begin.... I have an apt in Santiago. I visit frequently. I am using a cleaning lady who goes to clean a day before I arrive and a day after I leave. She came highly recommended by some very close friends who have been using her for the past 15 years. She has keys to the apt...
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    Anybody knows this man?

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    For the drinkers (fake booze going around)

    Mueren 7 cubanos y 46 permanecen intoxicados por consumo de alcohol met?lico - Cuba - Although the article talks about an incident in Cuba this hits close to home because I know this happens in the DR as well. I was once poisoned with fake Chivas Regal 18 at a night club in...
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    JetBlue started service from SJU to STI

    Video with the highlights... Daily service.
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    JetBlue new service routes

    STI - SJU PUJ - SJU Don't have the dates yet but I was informed by someone I know at the Cibao airport. They'll put out a news articlet soon. STI - SJU makes perfect sense since American Eagle ceased from operating that route.
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    My trip to Pedernales and Bahia de las aguilas

    First and foremost thank you to Minerva for giving me a few tips for my trip. Left Santiago on Tuesday April 10th @ 11 am. Arrived in Pedernales @ 8:30pm. The trip would have been shorter if we didn't make so many stops. We stayed at the Hostal Dona Chava. The owners are SUPER NICE and go...
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    Not sure why this wasn't mentioned here regarding Delta

    Delta started a second flight from JFK to STI. Leaves @ 9PM returns @ 2am. Delta is also building a new terminal @ JFK and in a news article they stated they want to focus their attention on latin america specially the Dominican market from NY. Watch out JetBlue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Unlocking cell phones

    Hello all. I have a quick ?............I have a corporate AT&T phone that is connected to my company's BES server (enterprise server). If I unlock it at one of the main orange shops in the DR will the enterprise settings be wiped out? If so, I assume that when I return to the US I would have...
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    In need of some good sound advice...

    I normally don't post much. I'm more of a behind the scenes kinda guy here on DR1. Last year I had posted on the forum that I was to take on the task of remodeling a very old apartment my mom has in Santiago. The project is now well underway and will be finished in less than a month. My mom...
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    Seeking advice for an apt remodeling project

    LONG POST.......... So as the title sugests I am seeking advice on how to go about doing an apt remodeling project in Santiago to start in March/April 2011. Background: My mom has an apt in an old area of Santiago - La Zurza. It is two blocks away from the monument and it's located in a...
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    Red Neck Bank Loan

    Never underestimate A Texas Redneck cowboy. A Redneck from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on">Sweetwater</st1:City>, <st1:State w:st="on">Texas</st1:State> walked into a Bank in <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">New York...
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    I thought this only happened in NY/LA

    18-Year-Old Junior Alexander Manon Beaten to Death by Toronto Police on May 5 Dominican youth beaten to death by cops in Toronto. Cops claim he collapsed and died of a heart attack...witnesses say they beat him up. Either autopsy will reaveal all. To keep this more Dominican...
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    Justifying drinking curfews...

    Justifying drinking curfews The Ministry of Interior and Police has published statistics that back up their arguments for maintaining time limits on drinking in public places. According to the statistics published in paid advertisements in several local newspapers, from January to November 2009...
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    Santiago bypass

    Santiago needs its highway The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago is urging the government to complete the Avenida Circunvalacion Norte, the bypass that will enable travelers to the north to avoid driving through the city center. Oliverio Espaillat called for the government to be...
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    Another only in the DR thread...this is INSANE!!!

    In a nutshell....basically............... Military dude finds wife in bed with 22 y/o lover, dismembers the lover completely (head, arms, legs true meaning of dismembering here), goes to jail and then walks free after paying 8 million pesos (roughly $223,000 USD). ONLY IN THE DR...
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    Quick ques on Banreservas and ATM eating your card?

    The search didn't turn up an answer to my question: If I have a US based debit card and a Banreserva ATM machine eats my card is it true that they do not give you back the card? Even if you go inside and complain to the manager? Something about a law in the DR where they "can't" give you back...
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    My 2000th post

    Wow is all I have to say...I reached two thousand posts. Been here since 2003 and only 2,000 :cheeky: I know I don't contribute a lot to the board but when I post I try to make it count. Anywho to stick to the rules of the board I must make this DR related. I've shared this only once in the...
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    Along the same line as Mr. Lu's post - another privilige lost!

    Asamblea revierte libre acceso de ciudadanos a playas y costas - Now Hotels are the owners of the beach? Does this mean I can't go to playa dorada anymore? What a shame!
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    Rhadames Segura Celso Marranzini

    Celso Marranzini is the new VP of the CDEEE. What is your opinion? Will he do a better job? Are you giving him the benefit of the doubt? I tried to get a profile on Celso but can't find anything on him.