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    My friend has a healthy 3 month old mixed boy to place or have adopted

    Baby resulted from a ''gang violation''. The baby is DR+Haiti. Not registered ! People have come forward but want massive money to take the baby. I presume this a Dominican scam!
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    Is there a Doctor or Homeopath on kidney stones on the North Coast?

    I have a friend in serious need.
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    Does any company rent short term, furniture on the North Coast?

    Need for 2 months.
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    Pit across from the Shark Bar----seems to be a mosquito breeding ground

    I lived near the pit for 3 years. Always, there was a mosquito problem. For the common good, the mayor needs to investigate.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Also, the fence is falling apart creating a safety hazard !:mad
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    The Ruta between Puerto Plata and Navarette is a ''National Disgrace'' !

    Thousands of potholes, no center or side lines, no truck lanes, lack of danger signs. etc.:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin I seems to me that with thousands of men unemployed and cheap materials, these deplorable conditions could be corrected !!!!!!!!!
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    Pleyero charges the 16% tax

    Frankly, I was very surprised. Guess I'll try to AVOID and find other sources , when possible!
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    Mayweather / Cotto fight Saturday

    I discovered that I can see the Mayweather / Cotto fight at Rocky's, 9pm, in English on pay-per-view.:glasses:
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    I predict that not one moto-concho cowboy will be arrested !

    ''COE unveil Easter Week safety plans The Emergency Operations Center (COE) announced their "Holy Week Operational Plan: For your security and values 2012" yesterday, Monday, 2 April and it is a massive effort. According to COE director General Juan Manuel Mendez, some 35,000 people will be...
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    Is there a school holiday in Feb.?

    If so, the dates please.
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    Poli-Pussies patroling the street between Rocky's and Terre Linda

    A very positive development! I feel much safer!
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    Prostate doctor

    Could someone reco an expert on the North Coast?
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    What are the exact days of school vacation?

    For the Christmas holidays?
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    Pollo Carbon(Kosher). On Ruta, near the ferriteria.

    The worst Chicken Shack of my experience = cold, tough, malo seasoning, and few veggies). And they charge 175 pesos versus most others that charge 125 pesos, AVOID
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    Passport must be in ''PRISTINE CONDITION'' to travel from MSP--MIA POP on AA!

    Is this peculliar to MSP? Or does each airport, airline, and TSA make their on rules? -----------AA attempted to re:deviousfuse my travel because a couple pages of pages of my passport were slightly folded(by 1/8''). The penalty was to refuse flight until I acquired a new passport. This was...
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    The fence, across from the Shark Bar,, ptotecting walkers from falling into the deep

    The fence collapsed during the storm. A dangerous situation exists. How long before the owner or authorities repair it :confused:
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    AMRATS hassling tourists in front of Rocky's

    They ordered me to park on the opposite side of the street. The cars have parked on both sides for years? They were rude and insolent. Demanded my license and registration!:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin
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    Dom. Rep. Nat'l Basketball Team

    They beat a KY Pro All Star team, 106--88 !:classic:
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    Poli-Pussy harassment continues

    Poli-Pussys threaten to arrest a GFE coming to visit me at 8pm, near Rocky's The scum stopped her on a moto concho at 8pm. Because she insited that she was not working on PC, they released her. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    AMET solution to red light violations !

    Of course, the AMRATS will intensify their harassment of tourists, while basically ignoring locals. Moto-conchos are exempt. They may do as they please!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: