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    A lawyers obligations?

    I'm in a bit of a muddle about when a lawyers responsibilities are considered complete. I employed a lawyer to represent me in a dispute. We went to court, and an order was made, agreed, signed and legalized. I thought case closed, great, I'm happy. Now several months down the line the other...
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    Caller ID withheld.

    Just a quicky, does anyone know the number to enter before the dialed number to withhold your own number from them?
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    Merengue festival from Friday through Sunday! Malecon.

    Will see some good stuff if you can avoid the trouble. Free festivals/fiestas always end up with a couple of deaths here as it brings out the gutter slugs, but if you like merengue then it might be worth it. Personally I can't stand traditional merengue but I love some of the alternative stuff...
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    Blood type?

    What legal documents are likely to have my blood type on them? How long would a test take to clarify my blood type and where will I get this done quickest in SD?
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    Temporary dental repair kits from pharmacy

    Has anyone seen these anywhere? A little kit that enables you to DIY teeth for a brief wait? I've looked in three of the bigger pharmacies in the city here and they just look at me like I'm speaking alien.
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    Public transport users??

    If someone was to use public transport daily in and out of downtown captial from las Americas, Boca Chica, la caleta kind of area, how much of a headache is this likely to be for them? I know thousands do every day, but I don't know how tolerant they are.
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    New places for a Sunday afternoon?

    Been going to the Zona Colonial and eating at Rita's for quite a few years now, good room for the wee one to ride her bike and play with other kids while we can sit, eat and relax without the threat of vehicles. We've been getting bored with it now, the bathroom renovation is dragging on and...
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    List of national and school holidays?

    Can anyone direct me to a link of nationally recognized and school hols throughout the year?
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    What happened to the dental students looking for guinea pigs?

    As it says on the tin! Seem to have left the forum, can't remember their names.
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    Economy trip around Hispanola.

    So, I'm planning on making a trip around the Island on a budget. I have my vacation time coming up and I want to put it good use. I want to go to the Northcoast, although not Pto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, maybe LT would be an option, any safe economy lodgings, tips etc, is Lt a good idea, sit look...
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    Used inversors, holding value?

    This isn't an ad for sale, but I want to know people's experiences of used inversors, buying or selling. I have upgraded my unit and batteries and want to know if it is worth considering selling the old one (only three months old, batteries as well, so as new), I got an opportunity to buy...
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    DR's top 10 most impressive heists.

    Well, for me the two that stand out are the SDQ perimeter fence without anyone noticing and the steel barrier that used to separate Las Americas highway, now replaced with huge 10 ton concrete blocks. So to make a chart of impressiveness I'll go with 1. Las America's highway central barrier...
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    Debt advice?

    A very good friend of mine, a neighbor. Several years ago thier daughter took very ill, her appendix burst and they ran up huge medical bill, even with insurance cover, although I've not found it my business to probe further into the cover they had, I doubt that good as they still owe a huge...
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    Pot holes, craters and man made obstacles.

    Coming off La Caleta slip road onto the main highway into the city last night I lost the two from wheels of the car in these man made holes. They opened up the slip road so we can now get onto the highway without going right up to GDG. I got out to inspe t the damage and noticed these holes were...
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    Laser hair removal?

    Any women know anything about this, where, how much, experience?
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    Beer prices and change.

    So I've been sober for quite a while now, a small presidente was between RD50 and at most RD65 last I bought one. So I made a decision to start drinking occasionally, and have found beer price has gone through the roof. Steve's bar last night, RD120 for a small presidente, is Steve's bar super...
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    Occidental grand Punta Cana?

    I know we are not a review site but I can't be arsed to join another site to ask this wee question. Is this 5 star, 3 star or what, so much conflicting info I am not sure if there are two. Anyone any info on this place?
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    Almeyda Rancier & asociados.

    Anyone familiar?
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    The book fair!

    Well, so we popped along to the book fair today, what a great little gathering, lots of stuff going on. There was the obligatory stuff no one could fathom, but overall it's got a great vibe. They had the K-9 police there next to the PN careers advice, I did for a moment wonder if it was Acira...
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    Shark attack probably wasn't cause of death!

    I was speaking with some of those who recovered the body of this guy the other day and was told he had been decapotated, not by a shark! i know it was a while ago but interesting that his...