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  1. W

    Cabarete Bypass Starting?

    I heard it through the grapevine that this is the start of the Cabarete Bypass, a long fabled way to go around Cabarete I never expected to see. Rather than going through and eliminating La Cienaga , it is rumored to require the construction of a causeway style of bridge to span the public...
  2. D

    Government begins construction of Bani bypass highway

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  3. P

    Santo Domingo beltway - bypass finished?

    Want to know if the beltway is completely finished?. Traveling from the east and want to pick up the beltway from Boca Chica / Carr. Mella / Autopista Nordeste. Is it OK to make a connection at El Naranjo - Autopista Nordeste to use the beltway to get to Autopista Duarte, to avoid the tapóns...
  4. D

    Santo Domingo bypass is now open

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  5. AlterEgo

    Santo Domingo Bypass is OPEN

    We will try it out tomorrow, perfect timing. DR1 news: Government announces completion of final stretch of the Santo Domingo Bypass The Ministry of Public Works announces the formal opening of the Santo Domingo bypass. It connects the south, western and northern parts of the country with...
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    Bypass online news paywalls

    I found this nice little Chrome extension, enjoy Bypass the following sites' paywalls: The Age ( The Australian ( Baltimore Sun ( Barron's...
  7. W

    Cabarete Bypass road - Danilo promises again

    In the monthly luncheon meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, president Danilo Medina promised that the ring road around Cabarete will be built soon. For years, there are complaints about the traffic in Cabarete. All traffic squeezes through the narrow passageway and this is the cause of much...
  8. Conchman

    Sto Dgo bypass road finished?

    It was about half way done last time I drove it, about 6 months ago. Does it go all the way to the Las Americas highway, when you come from the direction of Santiago?
  9. D

    danilo opens the second part of SD bypass it is 22 kilometers long and connects autopista duarte with carretera de yamasa. speed limit will be 100 km/hr. not that anyone cares.
  10. Z

    New Santiago bypass

    This may be old news to veteran drivers but I ended up on the Santiago bypass road last night. It was surreal. Like being in the US for about 20 minutes. They have street lights!!!!! It was so smooth you could be roller blading on the highway. Guard rails that not even been hit and twisted yet...
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    Cabarete Bypass - any news?

    El ministerio de medio ambiente esta el alliado de Cabarete para que CEMEX respete las normas de medio ambiente con el desvio de Cabarete | CABARETE NOTICIAS
  12. H

    Santiago bypass highway?

    If I am travelling from Sosua to SD, can I take this highway and bypass Santiago? It is not on any map or on Google yet.
  13. P

    Santiago (bypass) to Puerto Plata Highway

    Any news on the highway? Last article I read was that it was to be inaugurated this month. Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    12 year old girl has gastric bypass surgery

    diario libre reports: Practican una cirug?a bari?trica a ni?a 12 a?os - before you ask what is the connection to DR: kid's parents are dominicans and her surgery was done in SD. 344 pounds. what the f**k.
  15. K

    La Romana bypass open!!

    ...Especially since I'm off to Santo Domingo tomorrow lol! Inauguran Circunvalaci?n de San Pedro de Macor?s - With that new bypass Punta Cana to Santo Domingo in my Picanto is now less than 2 hours away. The last thing needed to make my life perfect is a bypass for Boca...
  16. D

    Santiago bypass from Canabacoa to Navarette

    Ready for February 2014. I checked local newspaper but no map. Did you see a map somewhere ? Thank you in advance P
  17. F

    14 Years of Waiting For Santiago Bypass To Be Conpleted

    Holy cow that's a long time even by DR standards but at least the Capital has a nice shiny train. Santiagueros tienen 14 a?os esperando la terminaci?n de la Av. Circunvalaci?n ~
  18. T

    Has the bypass highway around Santiago been finished?

    You can see it on Google Earth but those pictures are a few years old so I don't know the current status of it.
  19. E

    Santiago bypass

    ...its highway The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago is urging the government to complete the Avenida Circunvalacion Norte, the bypass that will enable travelers to the north to avoid driving through the city center. Oliverio Espaillat called for the government to be fairer in...