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    STI to Puerto Plata

    I get the PA car from STI to Santiago then get Javilla Tours or Caribe to Puerto Plata. Cost - 60 pesos for the car. Prices have gone up so I don't know for Caribe.
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    I moved from CPS to BMCargo due to the high rates. I bought a weighing machine recently and noticed that BMCargo somehow add a lot to the weight.
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    Buying a motorbike

    The Gixxer looks like a nice bike. I haven't heard about it before. Does it have tubeless tires?
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    Ivermectin - The cure we are looking for? Used here in the DR in a limited capacity.

    The doctora in Union Medica said that it was dermatitis. What she gave me to treat it hasn't helped but I have a powder from an Indian lady that you apply with yogurt and it has made it almost disappear.
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    Ivermectin - The cure we are looking for? Used here in the DR in a limited capacity.

    I am 67 and I have dermatitis on my left leg. When I went into the cytokine storm it attacked my leg so badly that they wanted to cut my leg off. Since then I had a couple of teeth just fall out. I have pains in my chest that move around day to day.
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    Ivermectin - The cure we are looking for? Used here in the DR in a limited capacity.

    I got the long haul problems. Pain all over. My muscles ached all the time. My teeth hurt. I couldn't breathe if I walked up the stairs. Suddenly a couple of days ago it all went away. There is a nurse who put a friend out of his misery in Santiago and I felt like looking for her.
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    Ivermectin - The cure we are looking for? Used here in the DR in a limited capacity.

    I wrote on here in mid April when I went to the ER and got prescribed Ivexterm - 6mg. The virus went away but I have been suffering problems since. I can now move my arms and get out of the motor-concho. I got to the stage where I thought I would never get better but there is hope.
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    Advice on buying a home in the DR

    My wife bought an apartment in Santiago/Tamboril. She got advice from this forum. She used Guzman lawyers. We live in a small 2 bed apartment with security about 20 bucks a month. I had a motorbike and she bought a pasola and we can get to Cabarete in just over an hour and a half. We live on...
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    Transferring money

    I think I will try this. Thanks. Do you have to pay for a dollar account?
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    Transferring money

    That was more informative than my bank. They more or less said tough luck.
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    Transferring money

    How do you send money with WU? I can receive but I don't understand how to send.
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    Transferring money

    Do you transfer USD?
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    Transferring money

    I was told to try that but I cannot access my account without a valid bankcard. The security is such that I cannot access my bank account but they are sending my card and pin internationally a couple of days apart - but they end up together.
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    Transferring money

    Hi My UK bank card ran out. One month before I had called my bank to make sure everything was ok and that I would get my card on time. The girl assured me it was all ok. When it didn't turn up I called the bank and the guy told me that I had requested to not get a card. I requested one and he...
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    My stuff disappears

    I found out that I have to log out to see my thread. It is a bit weird that I have to do that.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    It is obvious to press the button. Once written my thread disappeared. Do you feel like a retard? I would like a reply from someone sensible.
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    Claro Ideas

    I was reading the news on my phone when I got a message from Claro about Ideas. I cancelled the msg and another came up and so on till they emptied my account. I charged up my phone with 100 pesos and immediately it went down to 78. Anyone know what is happening
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    You have to answer a thread

    Do I have to reply too?
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    You have to answer a thread

    When someone answers my thread I can see it. Do I have to wait for an answer every time I ask a question?
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    Ask a question

    I can see this one. My question was at the start of the thread.