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    Banco Popular ATM SCAM ?

    I think Banco Popular ATM's are scamming.. Went one morning to an BP ATM in front of the bank .... inserted card , put in pin , hit english, blah blah... hit $5000 for the amount.... The ATM only gave $500 ..... went inside told the clerk ..... Went back to the ATM got the rest $4500.... Now...
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    How to get Verified in Paypal from the DR

    Here is a simple way to get verified by Paypal in the DR. You can sell online ( ebay , etc. ) once verified and be able to transfer money from paypal to a Visa Debit card to use local . Step 1. Go to and request a Prepaid Visa Card. Its free and you can use anywhere in the...
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    Wendy's Back

    On Gustavo Mejia Ricart corner with Tiradentes in NACO , where Dunkin Dounuts was. Happy Happy Joy Joy
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    Correction on Front page report

    Trilogy Studios makes games and the reason for the CEO's visit is as reported below, Trilogy Studios Plans Outsourcing Program In Dominican Republic Trilogy Studios announced that the President of the Dominican Republic along with Trilogy executives will set plans in motion for an outsourcing...
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    Free to Air Tv In the DR?

    Can Pansat Free to Air be used here in the DR. looks like it can with a large Dish
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    What are the Laws

    Hello all :), I have read this forum and have found some very helpful information, today I am writing using the handle of a Dominican friend/business partner. We are looking into opening a small Hotel near the colonial zone. I have seen the other business around that area and I have some...