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    buying a bed

    Hi ,I am looking for information about buying a bed (s) ,in the Puerto Plata area. Can anyone provide me with a store they have used for furnature,and the cost of a twin sixe bed? ( I found on line information ,but the bed was $430 I thought that sounded like alot of money ),
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    H1N1 in the RD

    - Here in Canada we are being overloaded with information and news about H1N1 , what is happening there with this new flu?
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    Marriage requirements of the Dominican citizen /Passport .

    Hi ,I am looking for clarification please. I am a Canadain citizen marrying a Dominican man i would like to know what documentation he needs to be married as i am getting conflicting information. I would also like clarification about a Dominican Passport , The 2009 web site was just a...
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    translation programs

    I was wondering what your experience with translation programs is? eg ,google translate or babel fish? Are they accurate ? is one better than the other ,because my spanish is not good i am not 100 percent how accurate my translations are .
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    banana boats

    Has anyone gone on the banana boats in Sosua? I was wondering where they start out/where you pay and how much does it cost?
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    Sponsorship to Canada

    Hello, Within the sponcership package there is a medical form and a police clearance form , Does anyone know the time line for completing these ,are they completed by the police dept/doctors office right there when you take the form in or are they returned to you at a later date once completed?
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    wedding on the beach

    Hello ,i have been reading the archives about weddings not at an all inclusive resort,has there been any current posts? I am looking for any up to date information or suggestions anyone may have. We are currently in the planning stages of a December wedding ,to take place in or near Cabarete...
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    Fathers Day

    It is Fathers Day here in Canada..Is it also celebrated today in the RD???
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    Dental Work in the RD

    I had a conversation today about dental work ,that left me wondering how working class people afford the dentist. I have a friend who has an infected tooth ,he was given a perscription each pill costing 180 pesos. He also said once the infection is gone he has to go back to the dentist and have...
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    orange store?

    Hi i am wondering if there is an "orange" store in Cabarete or Sosua? If so ,where is it located?
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    VIVA phone service?

    What are your experiences with VIVA phone service? I am totally frustrated with talking to a VIVA phone customer ,seems to have frequent breaks in service????
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    taxi to Sosua

    Hi,I was wondering how much a taxi for 2 people would cost from VIVA Wyndham Tangerine to Sosua? I am wanting to go to the beach ,where would i tell the taxi to stop, I have taken the bus on past trips and it has always stopped in diffrent places? Thanks in advance for the info.
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    Christmas in the RD???

    with 10 days left until Christmas ,I am wondering what prep for December 25,is like in the Dominican Republic? What are the traditions? How do families spend the day?
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    messages on MSN

    In the past week i have had several "friend requests" from the DR .I do not know these people ,and when i ask who they are I am not getting clear answers. Has anyone else had this happen?
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families... (or Columbus Day for the members State Side)
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    october 20-28

    Hi are there any games schedualed in P Plata during the week of October 20????
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    nail salon

    Is there a nail salon in Cabarete or Sosua???
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    obtaining a tourist card

    . I am aware I can purchase a tourist card at JFK prior to my flight to the DR but... I will be leaving from Buffalo , arriving at JFK and then on to P Plata. will i have the opportunity to purchase the card ? (location wise) I am not sure I would have access to where the cards are sold? I...
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    Halloween in the DR???

    How is Halloween celebrated in the DR???? Are there any schedualed special events happening for the holiday????
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    What to do in Rio San Juan?

    Looking for some general info about Rio San Juan .I have looked it up ,it does not seem a very touristy place? What would you all reccomend doing/seeing while in Rio San Juan?