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    Less demand for Dominicans as M.L.B. scrutiny increases

    Scrutiny of Dominican Baseball Prospects is Having an Effect.
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    Winter News 2010

    Turn and Burn. Toronto Blue Jays infielder Edwin Encarnacion suffered first- and second-degree burns in the forehead and the right side of his face when a rocket firecracker hit him in the jaw and exploded near his mouth while celebrating with family in his home of La Romana.
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    Dominican Prospects

    A fairly comprehensive list of Dominican baseball talent (Latin America) that is eligible to sign on July 2.
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    Chat with Carlos Gomez - Twins Of

    Catching the speedy Gomez Over the next few years, you're going to be compared a lot to Jacoby Ellsbury. What do you think of him? CG: "Who's that? I don't know him. What's his name?" (Gomez pauses, and a teammate says, "Ellsbury, plays center field for Boston.") "Oh yeah. He's a very, very...
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    A Different Approach to the Dominican Republic's Resources and Major League Baseball

    Preface: Perhaps MLB's interests in the DR and Venezuela (individual team academies) are too far along for a program that includes all ML teams drafting from a pool of eligible players each year. For the example below, don?t focus on the numbers; this is a loose discussion point, not a...
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    Stomping their feet.

    "If we do not receive any of the phases, we will not play in the 2009 World Classic," Leonardo Matos Berrido, general director of the Dominican team. Looks like some in the DR want recognition. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Although it's likely there are some unseemly characters...
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    Another feather in his cap.

    Pedro says he dominated through steroids era. Hard to argue that. Hopefully that's the example all DR youth will follow.
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    Pittsburgh Pirates to open academy in El Toro

    Same town where the World Champion's have a training facility. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Perhaps someday, someone, will come up with an idea that involves tourism and baseball. Just a hunch.
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    Examination of nation's history in baseball opened to public

    Exhibit recognizing the contributions of Dominicans to MLB now on display. If you go, please report on it.
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    Indians left-hander Juan Lara

    Unfortunate to report this. Anyone have any information directly from the rock?
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    Offerman throws a nutty.

    Looks like Jose is beating the bushes in the Atlantic League - and beating pitchers and catchers as well. Downright comical that he's referred to as a Major League "All-Star".
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    2007 Dominican Rookies to Watch

    Alejandro De Aza (Guaymate), has won the Marlins' center-field job. Post any rookies, or up-and-coming Dominican players here. It will be a neat way to reflect back on them; news, impressions, etc.
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    Ramon Ortiz - "Pollo Grande"

    Ramon Ortiz (Matas Cotui) is a chicken. This made me laugh out loud.
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    2008 Caribbean World Series - 50th Anniversary

    Should be a great event as usual, make your plans now.
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    New Baseball Academy - San Diego Padres

    In Najayo, San Cristobal. "Carrie Weise's agenda for a few days during the second week of January was simple. The Padres season-ticket holder planned to head down to the island most famous for baseball, sightsee a little, and check out a few of the baseball academies across the country. For...
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    Go Mets!

    Pedro's comeback Says to expect him after the all-star break. May see more velocity.
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    Dominicans vs. Japanese

    What a difference between the acquisition of Japanese players vs. Dominicans. The Red Sox/Mariners/Devil Rays, etc. have paid Japanese teams millions of dollars for the right to sign one of their players. Imagine the comparables between teams signing Tejada, Ortiz or any of the other stars...
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    Juan Miranda - Cuban Defector

    Now a Yankee. They like defectors in NY don't they? He's a 1B/OF, but at 23 and only considered a "prospect", it seems somewhat unusual to take up a spot on the 40-man roster for him (for 4 years). I'll be interested to follow his progress.
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    Winter League News

    Anyone attending games regularly, or otherwise? Seems like a good race on. In other news, Reyes (NYM) won't be available to play for the Cibao Gigantes.
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    Former prospect get his opportunity: D'Angelo Jimenez

    "The D'Angelo Jimenez story wasn't supposed to be told this way, not that of a sure-handed, light-hitting infielder finally getting his chance on the national stage as the Oakland Athletics' Plan C at second base." If it wasn't for their repulsive football "stadium" I'd be a bigger A's fan...