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    Transferring money

    Hi My UK bank card ran out. One month before I had called my bank to make sure everything was ok and that I would get my card on time. The girl assured me it was all ok. When it didn't turn up I called the bank and the guy told me that I had requested to not get a card. I requested one and he...
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    You have to answer a thread

    When someone answers my thread I can see it. Do I have to wait for an answer every time I ask a question?
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    My stuff disappears

    When I write something it disappears. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?
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    I can't start a thread - just testing
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    Ask a question

    How do I start a new thread?
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    Claro Ideas

    I was reading the news on my phone when I got a message from Claro about Ideas. I cancelled the msg and another came up and so on till they emptied my account. I charged up my phone with 100 pesos and immediately it went down to 78. Anyone know what is happening
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    Claro Ideas

    Yesterday I kept getting messages from Claro about Ideas. They kept coming till my account was empty. I went to charge up my phone with 100pesos and straight away I was down to 78. Does anyone know what is happening?
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    Postal Code

    I have to send a package to the States but the address is a post code. Everyone refuses to touch it. The USPS postage is pre-paid. I use BM-Cargo who are usually good about sending mail but I tried DHL also. Fedex is closed right now. Is there a way to get this over the water?
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    Main bank POP

    I have to get something signed at my BHD bank. I went to the Calle del Sol branch and the girl said that she would send a copy off and get it signed from head office. She was going to call me. After a week I went back and she said that I have to go in person to the head office in Puerto Plata. I...
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    Altice Down

    This morning I had no internet. I went down to del Sol and asked what was up and they said the red was down. My spanish is not too hot so does anyone know what is happening.
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    Flying from STI

    I am trying to find flights to Europe and all the pages keep asking for what date I want to fly. I enter a date and it says no flights try again. It is like the Monty Python cheese sketch where he asks for cheese in a cheese shop and they don't have it but won't tell him what they do have. I...
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    Ruta Panoramica

    Weather forecast good - no rain so we decided to head for the north coast. It rained as soon as we were climbing the mountain. My wife didn't get the worst bit as she was hanging on but this is a part of the trip.
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    Skin Rash

    I went to Union Medica with a rash that was not getting better and the lovely lady doctor told me that I have dermatitties - almost cronico. The cream that I got is working wonders but I don't understand the vaseline - where to apply that. Has anyone else had this problem? She also gave me some...
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    No water?

    The other day Corasaan came round and cut the pipes of all the non-payers. Today we had no water. They had cut us off even though we pay every month. There is a gringo on the ground floor who hasn't been here for months so they thought that they had cut him off but the numbering is in reverse...
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    Rip off Pricemart

    I bought some tins of fish. I just took the top can off and underneath is the much cheaper can in Soya. Just thought you should know that Pricemart is just a rip off.,
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    Apartment Security

    I wonder if someone can help. My wife bought an apartment which seems almost perfect for our needs. It has security. We get a monthly bill. At first they said that we have to pay for the months before we moved in. They agreed that the builder should pay. We paid the monthly fee. Since then every...
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    I tried to do a search but I cannot find rates for CPS, BM-cargo etc. Can anyone give me the latest rates for the companies. A new CPS office has just opened near me and they are charging 1.70 USD per pound. Is that good?
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    Edenorte Bill

    Hey guys, Just got our first electric bill for our new apartment. There is a 630 pesos charge for Fianza por Consumo and it is on the bill twice. We have never been charged this before and our bills in Santiago used to total each of these charges so we are paying 3 times what we expected. Can...
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    Receiving letters in the DR

    My wife ordered her new debit card from the US - never arrived. She ordered another which hasn't arrived. I ordered my debit card from the UK. No news. I ordered a small item from china, the shipping details say that it was delivered to the shipping address in Miami. I use BM Cargo. Has anyone...
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    Rancho Arriba

    My wife and I just went over the mountains to Azua. I bought a cheap helmet cam for the trip and I have put the videos on youtube. , and I haven't cut much out so they are a bit boring. On the way...