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    Anyone know of a dentist that can use nitros gas?
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    entry of syrian visitor

    what does a Syrian visiter need to enter the country. thanks in advance
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    tax free x-mas .

    could someone help me with current regulations on the sending and bringing of electronics as gifts for the holidays. send tank? airport? cedula? dates? thanks in advance.
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    pistol licence renewal

    I believe the process has changed since the last time I did it. last time I just went to banco popular and paid it. it was sent to bank a couple weeks later. what do I have to do now?
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    i need to buy 7 rolls of #10 wire to connect my house to power lines. im not there to shop for it. anyone know how much it cost per 500ft roll. also need to have transformer to drop 220 to110 made. electricion said 4200 per roll and 7000 for transformer. thanks in advance
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    can anybody explain sprint cell ph service with 3g in dr. if any.
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    cheapest way from sdq to nagua
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    hi,we just lost our chihuahua puppy of 7mths. to theft. my family and myself want another as soon as possible. need a no.1 or no. 0. preferably gold or light color. our puppy came from a private litter. i would like to know of a good, reputable,place to buy another. north coast or santiago. any...