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    Starbucks in the DR

    it's the only place i've visited that isn't a serviced restaurant that does not have the prices included in the price. It's rather costly.
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    Is Santo Domingo becoming a cement jungle? UNPHU architects say city needs more green

    It's done already. There is little city planning here. There are stores I've seen signs for in neighborhoods and just wondered how the traffic would be. I am fortunate to live in front of a government building so I don't have to worry about a tower being built and blocking my view. I go and...
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    Car financing to non residents?

    It's fairly challenging to do so as a non-resident. You may be able to do so at a larger dealership, if possible I'd suggest paying cash. Most dealerships in the capital want 30 % down for a used car and 20% for a new car. The car payments are high compared to what you can get in the states at...
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    Dominican Medical Association warns against Christmas partying

    I think people should be able to do what they want in their private homes. My building management tried to limit how many visitors we could have when it became apparent it wasn't going away. That didn't last long. I read the articles and it seems like an abuse of power, with the exception of...
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    Dominican Medical Association warns against Christmas partying

    I've seen the articles of police busting up parties at private residencies and confiscating everything down to cell phones. There's no well Christmas will go over well here.
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    This weekend it’s walking only in the Colonial City

    I agree! The scooters especially shouldn't be allowed in the conde. They drive so fast and weave in between people. The "walking only" is a little vague. I saw another article that said specific streets. Sounds like a traffic mess waiting to happen. It's so many ways to get out of la zona.
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    Juan Dolio and stories I've heard

    I used to live in Juan Dolio for a year. Around 2016. I'm American as well but not white. I can blend in a little more at times. My experience was good. Safe, I hung out on the blvd many nights. Having a beer, eating, or just chatting. The beach isn't so great in my opinion. You can get robbed...