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    I miss the DR

    I miss the DR, Santiago and the ppl I met there
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    Is Santiago relatively safer than other cities?

    With all the lastest news, violent crimes, lying ....
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    Filtered Water

    Is using a water bottle with filter enough for me to drink from the faucet water? I read other posts here where people first boil the water, then put it through a filter. Is that necessary in STI?
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    Tourist Locations in Santiago

    What places to visit while in Santiago? (besides the Monument, besides PP, done that) Art galleries, Parks, Historical places, any interesting places a tourist can visit while there?
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    Work from home (online) job?

    What kind of work from home job can one get, paid by dollars & can live in the DR or anywhere in the world? I often read posters' say that they work online. Where do I find one if I'm interested?
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    Any resort deals for Puerto Plata?

    Are there any resort deals or specials that you know of for Puerto Plata? The beach is calling me for a quick getaway!
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    Decisions, decisions ... Car travel options from Santiago to Puerto Plata

    Decisions, decisions ... Hotel & Car travel options from Santiago to Puerto Plata I paid my bfs father $800 pesos for a ride from Santiago to the beach at Costambar, Puerto Plata. Is that a decent price? Is that beach the closest to Santiago? Are there any hotels there? I don't think there...
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    Cual mu~neca?

    For a lovely 5 yr old girl w mocha skin, I wasn't sure if it's right to give her a cute white doll wearing an animal costume & speaks abc's & counts in english OR a just-as-cute baby doll closer to her shade but doesn't speak? :bunny: I like that she can learn from the doll, but I don't know if...
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    Tell me about Santiago. What areas or barrios to avoid? dangerous? How far is the beach, one hour? I'm bored so talk to me about the DR.
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    Reasons You, a foreigner, want to Live in the DR?

    I wonder what makes so many people, foreigners, decide to go live in the DR. I can understand retirement & receiving SS checks, but others? I've never been so please share your expriences. What would you work in to make a living? Besides teach english, how much does a teaching job get paid?
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    What about babies, what do they get out of it besides applying for a visa when the child turns 21, if the child sponsors him? :ermm:
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    Are all Dominican men who seek an online relationship Sankies?. I'm just wondering... How do you know if he's sincere & he isn't a Sankie?