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    Nightlife in Santo Domingo

    I am visiting Santo Domingo April 1 to 4. I have been informed that hotels have less restrictions. Is there any place like Merengue bar in Jaragua hotel open at night time? Thank you!
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    Save the dogs

    I wished to take them home, somebody I know from DR told me there is a process before taking them home . I saw them during my last day of my trip, according to employees they live there.
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    Save the dogs
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    Save the dogs

    There are two cute puppies on Emotions by Hodelpa beach area, Juan Dolio, I fell in love with them. I do not see a bright future for them, they are skinny with fleas. I gave them food during my stay. I hope someone that read this rescues both of them. I have pictures but I do not know how to...
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    Royal Blue Tigres del Licey t-shirt

    I am visiting Santo Domingo soon. Where can I get an original Tigres del Licey t-shirt?. Thanks.
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    Santo Domingo to Bavaro

    Good night: As part of my July 16 to 25 trip I am going to stay 4 nights in Hotel Tropical Princess. I am going to travel from Santo Domingo using Expreso Bavaro. They have several stops near a few hotels but I am not sure which one is the nearest to my hotel. Anybody knows if I can walk to...
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    What to do October 16 to 19 2015

    Greetings. I am going to visit Santo Domingo October 16 to 19 staying at Hotel Palacio. I plan to go to the stadium one night for the first time to a ballgame. I also want to go to the live show on Ruinas de San Francisco de As?s, do they still do it on Sundays? Any other recommendation for...
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    Hotel Mystik 13

    Any information on Mystik 13 hotel? It is located on Pasteur st. near V Centenario.
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    Best Discos in Santo Domingo

    Hello everybody. I am going to be in Santo Domingo in 3 weeks, April 7 to 12, and wants to know which ones are the best discos in the city. I have heard on Ave. Venezuela discos, please advice.
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    Places for men entertainment

    I am going to Santo domingo in july and I want to know about places for gentlemen entertainment.