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  1. Xavier_Onassis

    US Passport renewed!

    I live in Miami, FL. I mailed it to the address in TX that was listed on the application form for non-expedited renewals. I usually visit Barahona two or three times per year, but I have not been there since Oct 2019.
  2. Xavier_Onassis

    US Passport renewed!

    My passport expired last year, and I filled out the application and mailed it in with the photos and such on January 26th. On February 26th I got an e m ail from the Dept of State that it had received my application on Feb 5 and they gave me a registration number. I was told that I should allow...
  3. Xavier_Onassis

    Wire Transfers becoming problematic

    yes, in pesos. at a rate about two pesos per USD more. still using Remitly. 3-4 days from checking acct withdrawal to caribe express pickup in pesos.
  4. Xavier_Onassis

    Wire Transfers becoming problematic

    I used xoom for four years, until they asked me for copies of tax returns. Then I switched to Remitly. Better exchange rates and no $4.99 fee. Three days to transfer from bank account to Caribe Express.
  5. Xavier_Onassis

    Cristóbal Colon and the DR history

    Despite the aversion to Colón, the DR built the world's least photogenic ,landmark to him, the Faro a Colón in Sto. Domingo Este. If you want a picturesque photo if it, you will need a drone. It was an obsession by JUan Balaguer.
  6. Xavier_Onassis

    Cristóbal Colon and the DR history

    The DR reverted to being a Spanish colony during the Restauración, which was from March 1861 to March 1865. It also became independent from the US in Oct 1922 after the US landed in May 1916 The US invaded again in 1965 and left the following year.
  7. Xavier_Onassis

    The price of Corona

    The national sales tax tax is based on the retail price and the retail prices have been rising, so the govt. will get a small boost from this. Pot is certainly tolerated in tourist areas, There were rolling papers and bongs on sale in several stores in Juan Dolio a couple of years ago...
  8. Xavier_Onassis

    How the DR will re-open, the steps:

    Google is a search engine, a service of the parent company, Alphabet.The quote was "Google" (meaning the search engine) is your friend. Google is often quiet useful, though it does favor some sites over others.
  9. Xavier_Onassis

    Barahona travel is curtailed

    I got the feeling that the "periodistas" that she was mentioning were simply freelancers with better quality cameras on their cellphones that the PN was paying on a bounty-per-person-roaming-around-loose basis.
  10. Xavier_Onassis

    No date to decide yet on when to end the school year

    All the schools in Barahona are closed. There is some form of distance learning going on. My girlfriend's oldest daughter completed HS in Barahona, the first in her family to do so about a month or so, but she had to pay $5000 to graduate, no reason given. She paid the money, but no date for a...
  11. Xavier_Onassis

    Barahona travel is curtailed

    I know what periodista means, I just thought it was interesting that this was the word used. There is no local newspaper in Barahona, though there are several websites (Ecos del Sur, El Faro, Barahona 3). In normal times, the bus delivers about 30 copies of El Listin to the bus station ay La...
  12. Xavier_Onassis

    Barahona travel is curtailed

    My significant other lives in Barahona with her family that I have been looking after for five years, and tells me that all the buses from the capital have been suspended. There seem to have been a few cases of the virus there, not sure how many. The city market is open from 8 to 10 AM and the...
  13. Xavier_Onassis

    Andy Graham was injured in Sosua

    After a visit to Haiti, Andy Graham the Hobo Traveler visited Sosua and claims to have been injured by a golf cart driven by a drunken turista. He has a cast on his left arm and leg. He says he will be okay in three weeks or so. I rather enjoy his descriptions of the places he visits. He has...
  14. Xavier_Onassis

    kfrancis, AKA Ken Brown died last Saturday in Barahona

    I think that Ken was one of the earliest members of this forum. I arrived on the 15th of August, 2017, and spoke with him until I ran out of minutos We were planning to asking about blue and other unusual rocks, but he had a heart attack in the bank of a heart attack, According to his PN driver...
  15. Xavier_Onassis

    If you really want to learn Spanish. try Duolingo

    As a language professor for over 40 years, I decided I was wasting far too much of my time on political websites, which is useful to me only to practice my self-expression. So I decided to try the DuoLingo course in German for English speakers. I was greatly impressed. If my students had spent...
  16. Xavier_Onassis

    How do you do bamboo?

    It you wanted to grow some bamboo, how would you go about it in the DR? seeds? seedlings?
  17. Xavier_Onassis

    Internet question.

    I am trying to help the three kids of my GF of three years (7, 15 and 17) to get a passable education, and therefore want to have them able to use the Internet. They have electricity at least 12 hrs a day in Barahona, but Claro says that the area is too far to string wires to the home. I know...
  18. Xavier_Onassis

    Copulatin rhythm

    [/url]screenshot program[/IMG]
  19. Xavier_Onassis

    another trial naah!
  20. Xavier_Onassis

    Just trying out tinypic