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    juan luis guerra london 14 october 2013

    Juan luis guerra will be giving his second london concert on14th october in the royal albert hall in london.
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    "Holiday from Hell"

    Holiday from hell Britons stage sit-in at luxury resort after 'rowdy' locals on super-cheap deals use the pool as a toilet, urinate on sun loungers and 'steal food' | Mail Online This report appears in the Dail Mail (not our finest organ) I personally wouldn't want to stay in this type of...
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    Las Terranas

    "The Europeans brought with them their organization sense, their proceeding genius, and their modernity. In exchange, they received from Dominicans their enjoying life art cultivating nonchalance and dilettantism." I found this statement on the Guide Page of Las Terranas referring to...
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    Dominicans in England and Wales

    Thought this may be of interest for those living in England and Wales. From the 2011 Census These are the number of people who stated they were born in the Dominican Republic by region. NORTH EAST: 19 NORTH WEST: 158 YORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBER: 82 EAST MIDLANDS: 130 WEST MIDLANDS : 56...
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    Car Park

    A RD$48 million system for 98 vehicles seems a tad expensive. What did they actually get for their money.
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    Cafe Santo Domingo in New York

    Does anyone know if you can buy Cafe Santo Domingo in New York - specifically Washington Heights. We bought some of their Espresso coffee in Santo Domingo recently and it was excellent but supplies are running low!
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    Constanza San Jose de Ococa road

    We are visiting the DR in February and would like to do the trip from San Jose de Ocoa to Constanza. Have seen a recent trip report here and it looks fantastic. What state is the road in? Is it passable with a 4 wheel drive? What vehicle would you recommend to hire? Many thanks in advance for...
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    Payments by Mobile Phone

    This story appeared on the BBC web site recently BBC News - Haiti to pay mothers school incentives via mobile With the continued growth in mobile/cell phone useage Pichardo was clearly on to something (ref previous posts). Pehaps the days of paying for your moto-concho trip by phone are not...
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    Random Photos of the DR!

    Here are a few photos of the Dominican Republic I have taken over the past few years. Not very organised but please enjoy! Photos
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    RD$800,000 per space at UASD parking President Leonel Fernandez attended the inauguration of a modern multi-story parking garage yesterday at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, the state university. The Presidency Public Works Supervisory Office (OISOE) built the parking lot at a...
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    Rancho la Cueva, Near Miches

    Came across this hotel Rancho La Cueva on the web the other day. I couldn't find any reviews so would be interested to know if anybody has stayed there and how did they find it? In addition what would be the best route to take from Santo Domingo to get there. Thanks for your help and a very...
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    SW Tours

    We hope to visit the SW in January, staying a couple of nights in Perdenales. Has anyone out there used the services of Jopaka Tours - they offer a tour doing both hoyo de pelempito in the morning and bahia de aguilas in the afternoon. Can this be done in one day? Are there any other tours from...
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    Does anybody know if there is a clean hotel or pension in Sanchez for one night. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Samana Airport

    Has anybody caught a flight to the new airport in Samana and then taken a Caribe Tour bus to Santo Domingo? How straightforward was it? How much is a taxi to Sanchez? If we took a taxi to Sanchez would the Caribe Tour bus then go to Santo Domingo via the new road? Are there any car rental...
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    Leaving with Cash

    This question has probably been answered before, but does anybody know how much cash in US Dollars you can take out of the Domnican Republic in person? We are German/British and will have tourist visas.
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    The Last Survivors

    This sounds like an interesting exhibition and lectures - more details here: Photographic Exhibition and Lecture Series In conjunction with The Last Survivors Conservation Project The Last Survivors: the race to save the last Caribbean mammal species and their habitats The Apothecary
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    Apartments to Rent

    We are coming to stay in Santo Domingo in January for 2 weeks and would like to rent a small apartment in the Zona Colonial. Does anyone out there know of such places in the Zona or in Santo Domingo generally + price range. Thanks for help.
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    Brugal sampling campaign

    Now here is some good news from Brugal - they have been doing a sampling campaign throughout the UK - the last event will be in Brighton 8th August - this Saturday. The sampling teams are targeting key city centre locations such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and London. Each day...
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    Violence is a major issue

    I read this report today and would be interested to read other's views. How bad is it in Santo Domingo right now with regards to muggings/assualts etc?
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    Dominican Rum in Lisbon

    Does anybody out there know if it is possible to buy Dominican Rum in Lisbon?