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    White-Flight to DR from the North & Europe ?

    WHAT?! She told me she was 25!!
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    Do we have to be "WOKE" ?

    Is the cancer of wokeness metastasizing to the D.R.? I sure hope not. Even France's Macron (of all people) repudiate this faux intellectualism.
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    How can someone be this evil?

    The aftermath: Regrettably, they are still alive with genitals intact.
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    Indeed, most anything would be better - anywhere.
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    A lot of truth to this. A swastika tattoo would certainly change a person, and especially the attitudes of others around him.
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    They'll make you laugh, but mostly groan...

    And in memory - When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife. ~ Prince Philip My all time fave!
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    Let's Get Realistic Here

    Don't forget the missing limbs, brain injuries, etc.
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    Abinader will be in Samana and Santiago this weekend

    This is unfortunate, but I know it and so does she. Results first - if any - then reward. She lives in Laguna Prieta which is a sparsely populated area. I'm convinced they either live nearby or know someone who does. Sadly, she's not the first and won't be the last.
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    Abinader will be in Samana and Santiago this weekend

    Perhaps he can visit my friend who, along with 3 of her colleagues, were robbed at gunpoint while waiting for their ride 2 days ago. At 7a.m. In front of her home. I told her to tell the police there is a $2,000.00 reward for the names of the soon-to-be eunichs.
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    Only if I were sufficiently gaslighted into suppressing the maternal instinct to protect my unborn child. By the way, protecting the helpless and the innocent is also a paternal instinct. I suppose that makes it a human instinct.
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    I obviously disagree, but at least you are willing to say what so many pusillanimous political pipsqueaks won't. Much like any other invasive surgical procedure, the patient must be required to give informed consent. See post #12 details on that.
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    The "3 exceptions" are tantamount to unrestricted abortion on demand by any female, at any age, for any reason. Will a woman be required to "prove" she's been raped, or is her claim good enough? Will there be crooked doctors who determine that her "life is in danger" and then charge extra for...
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    Kim Kardashian vacations in DR and loves it

    I wonder how all that plastic held up in the sun.
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    Nuria tours the campgrounds in favor of the three grounds for abortion

    I also agree that only women should vote on this issue, but it is imperative that it is an informed vote. The government should provide women with detailed explanations of the various abortion procedures, as well as images of fetal sonograms, EKGs, etc. They can have abortionists at community...
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    US State Department Human Rights Report on the Dominican Republic

    Now that we've concluded that America is the great satan, back to the o.p. True or false? Understated or exaggerated? ...“Significant human rights issues included: reports of unlawful or arbitrary killings by government security forces; torture by police and other government agents; harsh and...
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    Renewed my Driver's license yesterday.

    Because I pretend I'm looking in the mirror and my fragile ego remains intact for another day! All kidding aside your point is a good one. I don't care what my ID looks like, but the government should. How often are photos updated in D.R.?
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    Renewed my Driver's license yesterday.

    Hmm, I don't know about that. I renew my license and registration online with no issues here in the People's Republic of New York. I haven't been to a DMV office in at least 15 years. Perhaps your circumstances are different, but for me it can't be any easier. The best part is that I am forever...
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    Flavio Darío Espinal: What the Constitution has to say on the three grounds for abortion

    Perhaps you should send that to the "constitutional expert" who says otherwise. Apparently he missed it. I can't speak for Mr. Espinal, but his reference to "most countries around the world" suggests he is willing to use international precedent to amend the Dominican constitution. What other...
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    New crimes; abortion would be authorized when the mother’s life is in danger

    Yes, it's a serious, emotional, and complex topic. The next person on the planet to come up with the perfect answer will be the first. Putting that aside and trying to be rational for a moment.....If a victim presents to a doctor or hospital promptly, the pregnancy can be averted with proper...