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  1. drstock

    Passenger from Dominican to Toronto fined for false covid test $6500

    There is a regular poster here who has many times hinted that he would be providing similar false documentation of tests or vaccinations. Maybe not such a good idea.
  2. drstock

    More "talk" about a hospital in Cabarete

    In case anyone doesn't know, the "play" they are talking about in the OP is the baseball ground.
  3. drstock

    Current Price /average gasoline Price

    One thing I have never got around to finding out is whether they use the US or Imperial gallon here. Can anyone confirm please?
  4. drstock

    Cabarete Bypass Starting?

    Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted.
  5. drstock

    What is the best way to get official documents to inherit my father's home?

    I don't advise running for President immediately! :giggle:
  6. drstock

    US has awakened to situation on the ground

    There seem to be quite a few in Europe who are prepared to "martyr" themselves. I don't think Haitians are immune.
  7. drstock

    Ministry of Environment acts against those found violating Law 64-00

    There were a lot of houses flattened by the powers that be in La Cienega recently. Could be that these were the houses in question. As for the ex-mayor, his family still seem to be well off. They own a lot of property in Cabarete.
  8. drstock

    Cabarete Bypass Starting?

    Yes. It's a mystery what is going to happen. The only hope seems to be that those expensive earth moving vehicles still on site.
  9. drstock

    I need to buy a car (Ford escape 2009-2012)

    Car prices are always high here - mainly, I think, because of import charges. When I first came here I had an unpleasant surprise when it came to buying my first car. As anywhere, dealer prices are higher than private sales.
  10. drstock

    Would like to have some DR1ers come to my restaurant and try us out!

    Not all the bread is in plastic bags at Janet's, until you put it in one. They sell bread that I like that is in the open on racks. Most of it comes from Disk's bakery in Cabarete main street, where you can buy it direct from the baker. Their white bread is not so good, except the burger buns.
  11. drstock

    No more drinks on the beaches

    When is this supposed to happen? Yesterday, all the bars on Cabarete beach were selling drinks as usual. The people behind the bar I spoke to had no knowledge of the ban.
  12. drstock

    JLo promotes the DR

    Hopefully "all that money and fame" will go a small way to overcome the lack of happiness that you perceive.
  13. drstock

    No more drinks on the beaches

    As far as I know, beer has not been found to be adulterated, so why ban that?
  14. drstock

    DR1ers and Firearms

    Coming from a civilised country where you rarely see a gun except in high risk places (even the police don't normally carry them), I found it pretty disconcerting when I first came here where it seems almost every poorly paid security guard is carrying a shotgun, and the police wield them like toys.
  15. drstock

    Coivd Vaccinations locations/Schedule ?

    I'm not sure what you're referring to, but The Centro Medico Cabarete is definitely in Sosua - almost opposite La Mulata.
  16. drstock

    Vice President says Chinese vaccines are on the way here

    Your prejudices continue to slip out.
  17. drstock

    Vice President says Chinese vaccines are on the way here

    I can confirm that is right. I went to the basketball court mentioned by Yolatengo above and got my second jab there.
  18. drstock

    Vice President says Chinese vaccines are on the way here

    Presumably, everywhere you can get the vaccine is an "official site". However, some are not open very often. Where I got my first shot it was only briefly open then, and I was told I must come back THERE in a month for my second shot in a month. However, as the place is only sporadically open...