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  1. drstock

    The course of true love....

    A naturalised American of 63 kills himself and his 17 year old girlfriend out of jealousy.
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    I saw the following article the other day about influenza vaccinations. It says it is now available to certain groups of people, including older people (which probably applies to many DR1 members). However, it does not appear to be available in cities like Puerto Plata and it doesn't make it...
  3. drstock

    Liquidacion for part-time worker

    Do part-time workers receive liquidacion when they leave their employment, the same as full time workers? I think this has come up before, but I can't find it. I have also looked on the government website without success.
  4. drstock

    Bugs in the rice

    I'm fed up with finding insects walking around in my rice. I don't buy from the sack at the colmado, but sealed, branded packs from the supermarket. I've tried lots of different brands but they all seem to host these critters sooner or later. Any advice on how to buy bug-free rice please?
  5. drstock

    Dengue breakthrough after mosquitoes laced with natural bacteria

    New research in Indonesia has brought great reductions in Dengue with the possibility that is could have the same effect on Zica and Chikungunya too. Hopefully it's good news for the DR...
  6. drstock

    Good experience with Temporary Residency renewal

    I just renewed my Temporary Residency and this year there were a few changes, as usual. I uploaded the documents as before and when I checked on the Migration website a few days later it said the documents were accepted and requested payment, which I did, and printed off the receipt, which they...
  7. drstock

    Extra pay for Christmas

    We're coming to the time of year when employees are starting to talk gleefully about the prospect of double monthly pay at Christmas. Does anybody know the situation for employees who started work during the year and have not completed a full year? Do they still get double pay in December or...
  8. drstock

    Apartments in Cabarete

    It seems I recently sailed a little too close to the wind in privately offering information to a poster who was looking for apartments in Cabarete, so I have renewed my listing. If anyone is looking for somewhere, short or long term, please contact me or see the listing.
  9. drstock

    If the hurricanes don't get you, the earthquakes might.

    According to this article, 2018 will bring the world, especially tropical regions, more earthquakes. So with global warming bringing more hurricanes, now we can add more earthquakes to the list of things which is likely to bring an early end to life in the "paradise" of the DR...
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    Lifestyle development in Cabarete

    Here's the latest on the Lifestyle development in Cabarete. Apart from the possibility of increased employment, it doesn't seem like good news.
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    50,000 Haitians could be kicked out of the US

    It seems that 50,000 + Haitians who were granted special immigration status in the US after the earthquake may now be kicked out...
  12. drstock

    Paying part-time worker for national holiday

    I have a part-time watchman who works one or two nights a week when the regular guy has his nights off. The part-timer worked on the recent Dia de Reyes and says that I have to pay him double. I know how to pay full-time workers but although I have looked on the Ministry of Labour website I...
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    Selling a car

    I see there are several threads about buying a car, but I can't find much info here about selling one. I am selling mine and a Dominican guy has agreed to buy it, paying cash next week. That's fine and we have agreed to go to my bank together to make sure the money is all good. He says he'll...
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    Article about Haitians who have left the DR
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    Driving test

    I passed the theory part to get my driving licence a few weeks ago and tomorrow I have the "Practical" driving test in Puerto Plata. I am a very experienced driver (driven trucks all over Europe), have driven here for years and don't doubt my ability, but can anybody give me any hints and tips?
  16. drstock

    DR soccer chief wins "brown nose" award

    In The Guardian's Football (soccer to Americans) section, The Fiver column gives the Dominican soccer chief its Brown Nose award. Quote: Martin Luther King famously suggested that the way to sort out racism was with a quick handshake, so you can see where the president of the Dominican Republic...
  17. drstock

    Very short visit to Haiti - practical?

    I am thinking of making a very short visit to Haiti, mainly to get a Dominican entry stamp on my passport so that I can drive legally while waiting for my new cedula. The plan would be to get a bus to Dajabon, cross over the border on foot, spend an hour or so there and then return. Does...
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    Residents' Forum

    I don't quite get this new "Residents' Forum". For example there is a thread there looking for someone to fix garden lights. Why should that be restricted to people who have a cedula? Maybe people who are here but are not official Residents could offer advice. I thought that when I receive...
  19. drstock

    Road Trip - South West and back North

    After a visit to Santo Domingo, I had a couple of free days so I thought I would take a drive along the south coast to the Barahona Peninsular and then drive back to the north coast through the hills. I would describe my impression of the peninsular as disappointing, although if I had seen the...
  20. drstock

    Optometrists - Value/quality in the DR?

    It's about time I had my eyes tested. Are DR optometrists good and inexpensive like the dentists here or should I visit one in England when I go back there soon?