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  1. NanSanPedro

    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    Hi. I'm looking for some recommendations on where to stay in PP. It can be an AI or just a hotel. I've been to Punta Cana enough to want to see other spots. It will be for 3 or 4 adults, me being the only non-Haitian. I have been twice, but not in 15 years, so those experiences don't...
  2. NanSanPedro

    Happy pi (π) day

    I almost forgot, today is March 14, which is pi day. Happy pi day to all the geeks and geekesses out there! 3.141592653589793238462643383 For those interested, here is the link for pi to 1 million decimal spots. There will be a quiz on Friday.
  3. NanSanPedro

    For History Buffs

    I saw this article in my phone feed. It seems to have a great listing of books on the island of Hispaniola. The website itself has a left slant to it, but that's OK. For those of us that may be interested in delving deeper in to the history and culture of the island. I think it's a great...
  4. NanSanPedro

    Where is the 9th Metro Stop on Line 2?

    I'm trying to find the 9th stop on Metro Line #2 so that I can take a guagua to Moca to visit Lindsay. All the Metro maps online that I see don't have numbers, names only. If I count 9 on Line 2 from west to east I get to Estación Coronel Rafael Tomás Fernández Domínguez, L2. Does that make...
  5. NanSanPedro

    Boosting Immune System

    There was a brief discussion in another thread about your immune system and how to strengthen it. I went online and found the below link from the Cleveland Clinic. Most of the fruits and veggies we get here and we get them fresh. Besides the vitamins and minerals, I personally believe that...
  6. NanSanPedro

    Going wayyyyyyyyy back!

    I found this interesting. The abstract is pasted below. The article costs $9 which I'm way to cheap to pay for. It's telling us there was a pre-Arawak culture here and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Fascinating. Abstract Humans settled the...
  7. NanSanPedro

    Small boat charter

    Hello! My sister and bro-in-law are coming to PC on the 16th of January. My BIL wants to find out about a small charter to go fishing. It could be a private boat for all he cares. It will be just him so he doesn't want a big charter. Does anyone have any ideas what he could do? Thanks Rob
  8. NanSanPedro

    difference between junto a and cerca de

    They have both come up on Fluencia but they don't explain the difference or if they're an exact synonym. Is there a difference? Thanks Rob
  9. NanSanPedro

    Another moto fatality

    This morning in Andres some guy doing wheelies killed my son's brother's friend. The friend, who had a wife and kids and was about 50, was just standing near an entrance to get to work. This friend had helped my son's brother when he was sick. Now he is gone and a wife and kids are without...
  10. NanSanPedro

    Goya employee of the month

    This is too funny. I can't believe they did this but they did. Goya CEO says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was named "employee of the month" after calls for boycott.
  11. NanSanPedro

    Truck Driving School in SD

    Hey! My kid wants to be a truck driver. He has talked about it for a year now. Is there a school in SD that I can talk to? I didn't find anything with a google search in Spanish. He will be 18 in March. He is Haitian and doesn't have any legal paperwork except a Haitian passport. Without...
  12. NanSanPedro

    Carlos Martinez

    Just received this: St. Louis Cardinals Statement on Carlos Martinez November 23, 2020 The St. Louis Cardinals were informed earlier today that Carlos Martínez had participated in a public gathering event this past weekend in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We are currently gathering details...
  13. NanSanPedro

    How can someone be this evil?

    This is a big deal in Haiti, not so much here. But Eveline Sincere was kidnapped and held for $100kUSD ransom. When her family couldn't pay, she was raped and killed her body was dumped in a trash pile. There are lots of vids posted on youtube, none of which I want to see as I've seen enough...
  14. NanSanPedro

    Laundry detergent

    What goes for laundry detergent? SpanishDict (I love that term) tells me "la detergente" as does google translate. But my kid says he's never heard of that word. He uses "fa" which may be a kreyolized version of the word "fab". What word or words do locals use? Thanks! Rob
  15. NanSanPedro

    Intentar vs. tratar, which is preferred and under what circumstances

    They both mean to try, but I searched google for the difference and it wasn't overly clear. What do the natives use? Thanks Rob
  16. NanSanPedro

    Haiti currency fluctuation

    I don't pretend to understand what's happening now. I read this article in the Miami Herald. Anyone have any enlightenment please let me know. I send $ to Haiti every month. Those that can change it at Western Union or Money Gram are getting much less than normal. That's in the north. In...
  17. NanSanPedro

    Using a shipper (ie, BM Cargo) as your permanent address in the USA

    I don't own or rent a home in the USA. Right now, I'm using my sister's address for a mailing address. Would there be a problem if I just changed my permanent address to the BM Cargo address? I'm not sure if it's legal. Thanks Pedro (my new name)
  18. NanSanPedro

    Dominican equivalent of Craig's List

    Hi. I used to have a link for the Dominican equivalent of Craig's List on my other laptop that just died. Does anyone know what it is? It seemed good for looking for second hand stuff. Thanks Rob
  19. NanSanPedro

    Gonzo be in trouble!

    I just saw this on Dominican today. Sed de Justicia will file a complaint against former ministers Gonzalo and Pepín in DR More in link.
  20. NanSanPedro

    lo que vs. que

    I'm not sure if I understand the difference. Tengo hambre pero no sé lo que quiero comer. This is a Fluencia sentence that I got wrong because I did not put the "lo" before the que. Why is it needed? Thanks. Rob