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    Stolen Iphone ?

    There is a guy trying to sell me an iphone 5s in santo domingo. New in the box for only 550 dolars. Its fishy to me. Its new in the box so its never been used. Will I get in any trouble if it ends up stolen from a truck or shipment or whatever. Is there a way to check if its stolen before I...
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    Caribe tours question.

    I allways take metro tours to santo domingo, I understand there are multiple stops in la capital compared to metro tours has only 1 stop. Where do i get off? at the end station ? im going to zona colonial so i would like to get off at closest stop. Thanks DR1 :) so helpfull im even on the...
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    Bavaro express price

    Hi , I am planning on taking the bavaro express from santo domingo to bavaro. Does anybody know the cost ? I have done it before but realy cant remember how much the cost was. Im trying to arange by budget From there i would have to take a taxi to the airport, thats 45 dolars am i right ?
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    My girlfriends pasport is good until 15/02/14 :) now she claims she cant leave the country because her passport isnt good for 6 months ? I thought it was to enter the country.
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    Supermercado janet's (cabarete)

    Im writing this because its really going to far and getting on my nerves. You constantly have to watch out for rip offs i know we are in DR. When a colmado scams you over 5 peso ok I get it. But when the supermarket keeps on conning people it realy ****es me off. So i have noticed before...
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    Fee to leave the country

    So normaly i travel to miami and back to europe from time to time. The longest i have been was in 2011 and i had to pay 2500 peso, 50 dollars or 50 euros , not fair cuz 50 dollars is not the same as 50 euros. I stayed 10 months. Now im leaving again from SDQ, i have been here again allmost 10...
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    Getting my dog chipped

    So where can i get my dog chipped ? And around how much will it be ? Im planning on taking him with me to europe for a month. North coast area vets please. And is it true i need to buy a chip reader too ? Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Best pica pollo in santiago

    I like pica pollo and tried a lot of places, but there is this 1 pica pollo that is the best fried chicken you can get, it beats real kfc from far. place is called "kenTONY fried chicken. It is a little carito like for empanadas, but he does fried chicken. He has the perfect saus mix. He has...
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    Dominican pots & pans question

    For everyone that has ever cooked in a dominican kitchen. Dont you wonder somethimes why the handels of the casseroles never have something non heat conducting over it, so you dont need to use a towel. Just only plain metal , the one everyone has and might have them too. I mean cmon everyone...
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    Looking for an extra job

    Hello , I am currently working for a fitness company abroad ( not in DR) . Because I monthly need to finish projects I have a lot if time on my hands and want to spend my time a little bit better than sitting on my ass and go to the gym. Any work tips ? I speak 4 languages fluently including...
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    Hello to everyone from a new member!

    Hi everyone , i've been living in DR for 3 years now. First I used to live in Santiago , now since 6 months living in cabarete. don't get me wrong i love Santiago because it gives you a lot of more oportunities then a litlle town as cabarete. if you speak perfectly like a real cibae?o, its...