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  1. Aguaita29

    Venezuelans Will be able to Regularize their Status and Extend their Stay in the D.R.

    Direccion General de Migracion has issued an order which will allow those Venezuelans who entered the D.R. on a tourist card or a visa, between 2014 to March 2020, to extend their stay legally for sixty days. It will also allow them to regularize the status of their children. Once they have...
  2. Aguaita29

    Canada VAC in Santo Domingo Reopens

    VFS Global, the Canada Visa Application Center in Santo Domingo, has resumed its services today, and will remain on a reduced schedule until further notice: Monday – Wednesday (only three working days): 09:00 – 13:00 More info:
  3. Aguaita29

    Spain to Waive Visa Fees for Those Who couldn't use their Schengen Visas

    BLS Global, the Vsa Application Center for Spain in the DR, has announced that those who were unable to use their Shengen visas due to the pandemic, will have the fees waived if they wish to reapply. This was posted on their website : NOTICE For...
  4. Aguaita29

    Sending Docs to Punta Cana

    Does anyone know a reliable service to send docs or packages to Punta Cana?. I've used Caribe Pack for these purposes, but they tell me they don't provide this service for that area. Thanks!
  5. Aguaita29

    New Policy and Fees for Schengen Visa Applicants (Spain)

    You can now apply for a Schengen visa within the six months before the intended date of your trip, as opposed to three months. Visas will also be granted for a longer period of time, with the posibility of 1 to 5 years. Fees have also increased. The following info is from from BLS Global...
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    Canadian VAC in the DR Closing

    The Visa Applicaton Center will stop accepting applications after Nov 1st. People will be able to pick up their documents until november 29th.
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    Even though many locals would be interested in visiting the UK, they may be turned off by the unfamiliarity and complexity of the application process. Other factors include: expenses and visa length awarded, and the reduced amount of popular places of interests you can visit, compared to...
  8. Aguaita29

    French Schengen visa for Domnicans (Tourism)

    1- Download the form and requirements at : 2-Schedule an Appointment: You need to call their contact center at 1.809.976.2444.The call costs DOP$500 and you won't be able to reach them from prepaid lines. They’ll ask for the intended...
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    Any god tips for getting deals from DR to Paris? Departing SDQ or PUJ? I've heard AirFrance doesn't have good customer support if anything comes up. Any thoughts? Any firsthand info on airlines would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Aguaita29

    London with Schengen??

    Can Dominicans visit the UK from France, on a Schengen visa?
  11. Aguaita29

    Minor's Permit For Traveling Abroad

    Has anyone taken a Dominican minor out of the country this year? The minor will be traveling with the mother. The father, who agrees, is in The States, and has to do a "poder". I hear mixed opinions regarding the procedure. So there's an online application to get the permit from Migracion...
  12. Aguaita29

    Seriously, What's going on in Santiago?

    Check this out! You can compare Santiago to any other major city and crime seems to be off the charts! Is this really that bad?
  13. Aguaita29

    Taxi Rate

    What is the usual rate for a cab from the Metro or Caribe Tours terminal in PP to POP airport? Thanks!
  14. Aguaita29

    Filed for residency lately?

    So...has anyone, married to a Dominican citizen, filed for DR residency lately? What initial steps you had to take and paperwork you had to file? Procedures and paperwork in this country change all the time, that's why I?d like to hear from someone who's done it recently. Thanks!
  15. Aguaita29

    Canadian visitor Visa Info

    When I applied for a Canadian visa there was no biometric data taken and no consular interview, but this was before the earthquake. Back then the consulate was in Haiti. How has the process changed? Do you need to get fingerprinted now? I'd appreciate any first hand info on this. Thanks!
  16. Aguaita29

    Encargopaq/Packages arriving after working hours?

    Is there a problem for a package at Encargopaq in Miami to arrive past working hours? I ordered something which I just found out was delivered this evening, but tracking info says it was "handed directly to a resident". I am asking because I can recall hearing of someone who had...
  17. Aguaita29

    Puerto Plata Candidate's Posts Go Viral

    Due to her awesome spelling, Mayra Pascual, a diputada candidate for the PLD, has gone viral.
  18. Aguaita29

    US Visa Renewal for Dominicans

    So I recently renewed my tourist visa. I liked the new process because if you're renewing a multiple visa of the same type, you can get the consular interview waived. I only had to go to the VAC(Visa Application Center) at galeria 360 to get my biometrics taken. Another plus is how little time...
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    Can a foreigner, regardless of status, register a business in the DR?

    If he's a tourist, can he register a business with only his passport?
  20. Aguaita29

    Russia to Remove Visa Requirements for Dominicans

    Diario Libre reports that Russian Chancellor, Sergei Lavrov, has agreed with the Dominican Vice President, Margarita Fern?ndez de Cede?o, for Russia to eliminate the requirement of a visa for Dominicans to visit that country. This measure is a part of a series of agreements that came up as...