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    Covid-19 Vaccination Sites , What, When & Where

    All this week Centro medico Dr. Orvalle calle San francisco #80 in the new building main floor in San Francisco de Macoris 809-588 2596 giving sanova cov19 shots (Chinese). First class service in and out ( with 30 minutes stand by for vaccin reaction ) 1 st shot and second whatever you need...
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    Cheapest way to get to Nagua from POP airport beside very costly tourist taxi

    Cheapest way to get to Nagua from POP airport , beside very costly tourist taxi ? Thanks,
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    Internet signal

    I live in the countryside in Duarte and i use a claro stick (banda rocha ?) to get the wifi internet. No internet cable in the village. The signal is very poor 1 on 5. The tower is far away. I also use orange same problem. How could i get a better signal ? Thanks.
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    I lost on roulette

    I have been in the DR. since 1989 and had fantastic time. The only bad part when i got divorced in 2008. That cost me 200K but i had 3 lovely kids all adults now. In 2008 i meet a nice person in the country side and later on we moved in my other house close to POP. Thing were great and we got a...
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    Any line up ??

    23 years ago when i came to the Canadian Embassy (hotel Comodore) in SD there was a fantastic line up of people waiting to get in. They had spend the all night under pouring rain. In the morning the Embassy staff were taking the first 15 guests to process. Is anyone know the situation now ? It...
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    Is the Sosua hospital project been deleted ?

    As anyone has news about the Sosua hospital project ? It was suppose to be built close to the airport.
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    I am looking for a machete factory in the DR

    Anyone knows if there is a machete factory in the DR and where is it located ? Thanks,