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    Power of Attorney for my Kids Travel

    Dear Members of DR1, I have two important questions. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can provide accurate information about this. I am a US citizen living in Florida. My Dominican wife will be coming from D.R. for the first time with an immigrant visa. We have two daughters who were born...
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    Visit El Cachon de La Rubia

    If you visit Santo Domingo, and you love nature and you are environmentally conscious, you should visit El Cachon de La Rubia. You should see what a great project is being carried out there. It is a system of water that streams from the underground and feeds the Ozama River. It is located in...
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    Please Help! Bringing Son to U. S.

    Hello, I am a U. S. citizen. Yesterday, my Dominican girlfriend passed away. I have a five year old son with her. His aunt in the D. R. is temporarily taking care of him until I can bring him to live with me to the U. S. I searched the archives of dr1 and found that I can file a consular report...
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    Most beautiful sunset/sunrise

    The most beautiful sunset I've ever experienced in my life was in a beach in Las Terrenas, Samana. Any ideas of beautiful sunset, sunrise locations in the D.R.? Thanks. Corleto
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    Alternative Medicine in DR?

    Hello, Does anybody know if there are any reputable alternative doctors or clinics in the DR? Specifically, I'm looking for someone who uses natural medicine to treat cancer patients. I did a search on the archives but could not find anything. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone has any...
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    NY-Santiago Trip SJU PR Stop Question

    Hello, I will be traveling on AA to Santiago, D. R. from JFK, NY on December 23 (7:00 PM). However, I was not able to get a direct flight and will have to transfer at San Juan, Puerto Rico, to American Eagle. I will arrive San Juan around midnight. But the AA Eagle connecting flight to Santiago...
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    Construction material prices

    Hello all, I would like to build a small bedroom on the second story of my house in DR. I checked the prices of construction materials last year, in the summer time (the exchange rate was about 45:1) . But I could not proceed to buy them at the time. Now I've been checking and it seems that...
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    Nice memories: S.D. Malecon obelisk Xmas 80's

    Hello all, Today I was watching a really beautiful house here in Pelham Parkway in the Bronx, NY that's very nicely decorated for Christmas. As I was admiring it, I just had the most beautiful memories of christmas times back in Santo Domingo in the 80's when I was a child. My parents always...
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    Santiago accomodation recommendations?

    Hello, Me and my family will spend the Thanksgiving weekend in Santiago. We will be arriving to STI airport on 11/24 around midnight. From there, we will take a taxi to a Santiago hotel. We will sleep just one night there and then will go to Jarabacoa on the 25th in the morning. Could anyone...
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    Jarabacoa hotel question

    Hello, I'm trying to reach Vista Bella Club, a nice place with cabins in the mountains of Jarabacoa. I stayed there last easter, but I lost their phone #. I looked in the DR Yellow Pages online, and also did a Google search but could not find any information. Would anyone on this board have...
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    Any good dial-up internet service providers in DR?

    Hello! I'm going to D.R. next week and will stay there for 30 days. I'm taking my notebook computers. A few years ago, I know that Codetel (now Verizon) had internet service for like RD$300 a month, but that was in connection with a regular residential phone line (some service called VIP, or...
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    DR ATM banking fee question

    Hello! I visited the DR for spring break. I used my debit card twice to make cash withdrawals. The first time I withdrew cash from my checking account and I got charged a US$6.00 fee. The second time, I withdrew from my savings account (which is linked to my checking) and I notice that I didn't...
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    Cashing traveler checks in Jarabacoa/Pto.Plata?

    Hello, Where in Jarabacoa and Puerto Plata can I get the best exchange rate for a U.S. American Express Traveler's Check? I will greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!
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    PRD presidential candidates?

    Hi fellows! I'm dominican and live in NY. Maybe I'm a little bit disconnected from the political events happening in D.R., but I was shocked yesterday as I watched the news about the selection of presidential candidates for the PRD party. I saw that only Hippo and another guy I've never in my...
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    Beware of NYC to DR shipping companies!

    Dear comrades, I live in NY and frequently ship boxes of food and/or personal stuff to DR. But, I don't know what is going on recently... many strange things have happened and I would like you to be aware of them so you are not the next victims. I want to present three cases: . My mother sent...
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    U.S. citizenship for my dominican-born son?

    Hello, I have an immigration question: I am a U.S. citizen and I am the father of a two-year old child who was born in the D.R. I want to file an I-130 application for him (Petition for Alien Relative). Once I heard that if a U.S. citizen sponsors a baby or very young child, that this baby does...
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    Public transportation from SD to Constanza?

    Hello, I'm planning to visit cool Constanza this hot summer. I searched the archives to find a way to get there by public transportation. But there's only directions by car. I also checked the Caribe Tours website. But apparently they don't go there. Has anybody travelled from La Capital S.D...
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    Rustic hut (palm tree leaf roof) accomodations?

    Hi, A co-worker of mine and his girlfriend wish to visit the DR in the summer. He has been there two times before, but this time he wishes to stay in a rustic hut by the beach. He has stayed in all inclusive-resorts and that kind of deal. But this time, they want to be kind of "removed from...
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    DR rumor: NY school week 4 days only?

    Hello, I have spoken to several different people from the DR over the phone, and they all have told me that they have heard that the school week in NY has been shortened to 4 days because of budget cuts. I know that this is ridiculous, because this hasn't happened at all here in NY. Now, my...
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    Santiago airport to bus taxi fare?

    Hello, Does anybody on this board know approximately how much does a taxi charge to go from Santiago International Airport to the Metro or the Caribe Tours bus terminal in Santiago? I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks.