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    De Mayimbe a Mayime con El Torito

    De Mayimbe a Mayimbe girará por 20 sitios de RD junto al Torito? I saw one of the Mayimbe a Mayimbe concerts in NYC, and it was great. I'm definitely willing to take a trip to DR to see them with Hector Acosta. Anyone know where I might find a schedule or buy tix? Is there a Dominican version...
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    muy comparon?

    I was under the impression a comparon is a show off type of person. Someone told me "llegaste tu muy comparon" and I just don't get what they mean by this.
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    internet cafe in Santiago

    Where will I be able to use the internet in Santiago? I don't want to bring my laptop and search for a wireless connection, I just will need to use a computer for a few minutes.
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    cell phone rental

    would it be possible to rent a cell phone while in Santiago? Last time I was down there and didn't have one. Obviously I made it out alive, but it sure would have been A LOT easier to have one.
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    Hector Acosta "El Torito"

    Just listening to Super Regional streaming on the internet, and I hear Hector Acosta will be at Las Vegas Nightclub in Santiago on this coming Saturday night 2/2. I definitely don't want to miss this, where is this place in relation to Hotel Colonial?
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    Santiago to La Vega with no car

    Hey all. I will be in Santiago for Serie del Caribe, and I was thinking of checking out carnaval in La Vega on Sunday 2/3. What's the best way to get from Santiago to La Vega and back if I'm not renting a car?
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    Aloha Sol - Completely Booked!

    Just got off the phone with Aloha Sol in Santiago. I wanted to catch the early part of Serie del Caribe, but there is no availability from Feb 1-Feb 5 :cry: I was very pleased by my stay at Aloha Sol when I was there in December, does anyone recommend any other hotel that is in the general...
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    Purchasing Dominican Musical Instruments

    A few years back someone had brought me a beautiful guira from Santo Domingo, made by guillermo guira, what the real tipico bands use. I'd like to add to that and purchase a tambora, something authentic. Does anybody know where in Santiago I can purchase such a thing?
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    Bringing liquor back to the US

    Does anybody know what quantities of liquor are allowed to be brought back to the US? I've never brought anything back from anywhere because I just can't be bothered with US Customs nonsense... the same reason I always check baggage, because I can't be bothered putting toiletries in small clear...
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    Antony Santos... famous for saying "me gusta esa vaina" in his songs... what on earth does that mean?
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    Quick Weekend Getaway to Santiago

    This coming weekend 12/22-24 I will be visiting Santiago for the specific purpose of the Aguilas game on Saturday night, followed by Frank Reyes at Tipico Monte Bar the same night, and Zacarias Ferreira at Monte Bar on Sunday night. With this in mind, would Aloha Sol or Platino be the better...
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    Joan Guzman - Dominican Jr. Featherweight Boxing Champion

    I see that Joan Guzman will be defending his WBO Super Featherweight Title on 12/18 at Palacio Virgilio Travieso Soto in Santo Domingo. I plan on heading down from NYC for a few days to catch this fight, does anyone know how to 1. confirm this fight is happening (fight details are sketchy, no...
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    Winter Baseball Trip

    Hey all. I've been a lurker for a while, and have made a few posts. I'm looking to plan my first trip to the DR and was looking for some tips or advice. The Winter beisbol schedule came out the other day and I'd like to catch a few games. My preliminary trip is as follows: Flying from JFK...
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    El Prodigio en NYC - 4/24

    Hi all. This is my first post on DR1. I joined the forum mainly because I have a tremendous interest in Dominican music and figured this would be a good place to discuss. Anyway, El Prodigio has a bunch of NYC-area dates over the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone was planning on...