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    Need Baseballs

    A friend of mine has a son on a baseball team in Sabaneta. The coach is a normal Dominican who has few resources. The problem is a lack of baseballs to practice with. They don't need new baseballs, used baseballs will suffice. Hopefully people on this forum can help. Perhaps we have...
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    Tourist visas to be more difficult to the US This doesn't sound good for potential applicants.
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    A man walks into a bar

    around 5:00 pm. The bar is deserted due to the early hour. The bartender asks the man what he would like and the man says "give me a triple scotch". The bartender says you must have had a bad day. The man says yes he has had a very bad day. The bartender, having time on his hands, says...
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    I'm heading to Punta Cana in two weeks. Is the seaweed still a problem? I plan to stay at the Reserve. Thanks for any updates.
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    Domestic flights

    I'm looking for flights between POP and Punta Cana. Do they exist? If so who is the carrier and how do I contact them? Thank you.
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    Tourist Visa to Spain

    My Dominican girlfriend and I would like to take a vacation to Spain. Is it possible to get her a tourist visa without major problems? She has three kids and most certainly would return to the DR. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    I'm will be on the North Coast (Cabarete) in early December and would like to take in a game. Here are my questions: 1) Is there a team in Puerta Plata? 2) How would I find their home schedule? 3) What do tickets cost? Reserved seats if that's an option. 4) Any tips on what to do or...
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    Hot Dogs

    When I travel to the DR I don't like to eat out every meal. Hot dogs are always a favorite for a quick meal. For you expats what are your favorite brand of hot dogs in the DR? And don't forget the buns. Are there better quality buns that you recommend? Thank you.
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    Furnished Apartments for Rent

    Maybe someone would have a suggestion of a rental agency that rents furnished apartments on a weekly rate. I would be looking for something near the Colonial Zone/Malecon area. Thanks for your help.
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    Best Small Hotel in Puerto Plata/Sosua

    Can anyone give me a recommendation for a small hotel in POP / Sosua area. I have a friend in the area that would be staying with me. My requirements would be a clean hotel with AC and a backup generator. Thanks.