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    Picking on Canadians

    I really never post on this BUTT... a lot of females have been hammered by posters, just because they come from Canada and want to have a good time.:bunny: predominantly no one ever talks about, USA OR European women doing the same thing.So why do so MANY pick on the Canadians when every other...
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    Just looking for opinions

    Now I have a Dell PC 3000 two years old that I know is very basic... but that's all I need. My next purchase I was looking into buying a mac and giving this one away. So my question is purchasing a mac with basic needs.... what would actually be the advantage? I understand I will spend extra...
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    First off I would like to say this board is great, and very well run. I've often wondered.... how someone can be a MODERATOR and give proper responses on a certain topic, meanwhile not living in the country? It would seem to me that would have to be secondhand news issue, and for the most part...
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    Looking for new ideas

    To help out the people within the country. I've already done the baseball, school supplies, swing sets, cleanup. So now looking towards other possibilities in helping in just a little way.I already have a great suggestion from a board member,which I plan to do.But if I can do a little more from...
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    Said day for all of baseball

    The passing of Kirby Puckett this afternoon from a stroke is a tragedy in itself... but at such a young age. He was a man who respected the game and played the game the way it should be played. And for someone to play their whole career with one team, shows what type of unselfish individual and...
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    For better or worse

    Everyone sees things differently of course as for politics. I read posts on bad mouthing either....HIPOLITO..OR..LEONEL. Now not living in the country.... can people please tell me that our full residence or reside, had lived during both terms.... what was the good and bad in each to this day...
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    Intoxicated pilots

    Today the flight from Manchester to Chicago.... the pilot was pulled from his duties. Just think what could have happened? I give England's security high respect in this matter. Now you have a pilot departing from the DR on any major airline that can buy his way to the cockpit, after no...
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    Volunteers needed

    basically looking for people who want to give a little of their time in a cleanup project in Santiago. I will supply all the bags for the cleanup. People in the area that are interested would be great.... and also availability of pickups dispersing the garbage to the proper place. I understand...
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    Becoming more conservative

    I've always wanted to ask this question to ex pat's. Most all board members are there for the beauty of the country... but yet almost everyone is concerned about cost. Were you actually concerned about cost before, or was it changed by the society that you now live in?
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    World baseball

    The DR starting schedule as we all know... is the seventh of March against Venezuela and is a total sellout.:cry: IMO..... for a venue of this caliber only having 9500 seats available is a disgrace.:cry: world baseball should be totally ashamed of themselves FOR.. stadiums they choose with no...
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    Is chess big in the Dr for families

    Growing up in New York it was always a big game around the house whether it was cold or warm, we always had a board. Great game so I was just wondering for it being fun to play for one.... and only having to buy it once is a big their, for home entertainment?;)
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    What is a Dominican female first priorities

    I often wonder because..... first off I see so many pretty, ones dressed nice, new cars, husband's, boyfriends...... young or old, and I'm sure they live in a nice home. Now i'm talking about middle to upper class. I guess basically what I'm asking is what would they really give up or hold on...
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    Just don't understand

    Why people categorize.... black or white in the DR? Staying in Santiago every morning I get up at five, and wait to see who comes by, and to help sweep the road. Seen many more black businessmen dressed very nice.. than Caucasians. Even at my hotel you can see the people of color have a lot...
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    Relaxed, retired, no problems.

    So why would someone come to DR or any country, and try to open A business and lose a lot of what they saved for to be in that position. :eek: :eek: I do not get it, other then first off, board, money hungry, or a silver spoon since childhood. Heck moving to another country in that situation...
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    This is really not a debate at all... but someone wanting me to post it here. Before the time comes in March, I believe the product of Latino success in Major league baseball will be drastically reduced.... due to testing. We have plenty of great athletes here, without some scrubs..(agents...
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    I can't wait

    When all the Latinos have to go in front of the board, and say they never had or never will do drug enhancements. It's going to be a big joke.... just like Sammy Sosa....TRASH ,TRASH,TRASH. To baseball number ONE, and his country. The Latino baseball organization in America is in.. BIG,BIG...
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    Shark attacks

    Is there a lot of shark attacks in a DR? In Florida, we have a lot of problems, with shark attacks... recently. Mostly bull sharks , they swim in salt water and rivers, and are considered the most dangerous of all sharks against humans. Is that true in DR as well? And how many people get...
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    Latin women

    Just like to know everyone's opinion on why some Latin women that keep in very good shape still have a little belly?. Is it due to the food they eat?. going to the gym and just not working on that part of their body? I've always wondered why. Thanks for all honest replies. ;)
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    Help from anyone on this matter

    I would just like to know from the threads I read why some people believe that women from Canada are told that they are heavy or ugly... thats the reason why they come to the DR...been to Canada many times and seen mostly thin, well dressed, educated, and good-looking friendly women overall. I...
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    Living in the DR

    Seems to me by reading posts about,housing, transportation, schooling, health care, roadways, medical assistance, security, cost-of-living, electric, that for the most part everyone seems to be happy and make due in what they have or not. Now from what I've read DR is quite expensive for a...