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    LPGA Final at Taino coined name, Tibur?n.

    The women's golf final tournament of the year is being played at the Tibur?n Golf Club at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, FL. Why is this relevant? This huge $500,000 final is referred to as "Tibur?n". The Spanish, but derived from the Taino language, term for shark. Other than the...
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    Parking dilemma

    An ex-pat was frenzied while driving in the midst of Santo Domingo traffic because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, "Lord, take pity on me. If you find me a parking place, I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of my life and...
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    Ideas for Friday or Saturday evening in Santo Domingo

    My wife and I will be in Santo Domingo for December 4 and 5. Her cousins usually have plans for us, but this time I would like to be able to create an enjoyable itinerary. What would be a memorable evening for four couples? We love dancing, live music and seafood. Thank you.
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    Suggested Residents (Beta) topic

    Many people mention positives or negatives of living in various parts of the DR in introductory threads, but there never seems to be a focused debate on: what areas are best for certain demographics and why? If you were to become a resident all over again, where would you live? Advantages of...
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    Kiskeya.Life is Spectacular!!

    If you enjoy videos and articles delivered in an informative, entertaining style, check out our new poster, AlecCorday's site, Kiskeya.Life. My wife and I are enjoying the natural beauty and fascinating tales of our island through his work. Take a few minutes and enjoy it.
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    Spring Break in DR

    This morning our daughter told us she is planning her spring break trip with three of her girlfriends. She asked if I knew what would be the best place to go in the DR. Does anyone have ideas for her? The trip will be one week in March.
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    Renting Punta Cana restaurant for private party

    Has anyone rented out a restaurant on the water or at least a portion of the restaurant for a gathering? How accommodating were they? Did it go smoothly?
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    Virtual mental image to reality and back again?

    When one interacts with people on a public forum, you create a mental image of others. Upon meeting them in person, of course they will appear completely different. Then, over time they mentally morph back into the original mental image, or is that just me?
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    Favorite Golf Courses near Punta Cana

    I was invited to play in a golf outing the second week of December and will try to raise my game to mediocre beforehand. What are your favorite courses in the area and why?
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    Best place in Bavaro to watch the World Series?

    We will be in town for a few weeks and are curious where people would suggest is best to view the World Series with a group of 12?
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    Soon to be part-time, then full-time in DR

    Hello all! I enjoy and appreciate the up to date and thoughtful advice dispensed on this forum. My wife and I will be spending four months a year in the DR beginning next year and then 12 months a year a couple years after that. Looking forward to the warmer, simpler lifestyle.