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    Tv show mil historias on homelessness in santo domingo

    Mil historias- Buscando los desamparados - YouTube
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    Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana for LGBT community Santo Domingo

    Hey just visited this past sunday at Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana in ciudad nueva santo domingo. The only church in the dominican republic for the lgbt community, though there are many straight people who are members,and they just just opened up a branch in santiago. Was a great...
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    Homelessness in santo domingo

    Saludos, hope you all are fine. I guess my earlier post was erased. to the administrators, as i mention we can meet! i am a dominican, social worker of many years and togther with some freinds and volunteers, are going out two or 3 nights a weeks and reaching out to the homeless, food, blankets...
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    Great New Book on El carnaval Dominicano

    The new book has amazing photography and great text by two legendary Dominicans, Mariano Hern?ndez y Dagoberto Tejeda, fot?grafo y soci?logo. Name of the book: Carnaval popular dominicano. Great images and text on all carnavals in the Country. These guys have dedicated their lives to study and...
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    Volunteers needed

    Hello, If you live in Santo Domingo and are not already involved with some of the great non profits here You might be interested in spending an hour a month or when ever you can with one of the kids that we at the Los Mina Cultural Center work with. Please PM me. You can tutor, teach english...
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    A request from the Centro Cultural de Los Mina Viejo

    Hello all, Besides the organizing work some friends and I are involved here in Santo Domingo Este, we also run a small volunteer operated cultural center for kids here below the Puente de la 17(bridge) Rivera del Ozama Community. We try and provide experiences/activities that raise their...
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    Casa de cultura de Haina

    Abre sus puertas la Casa de la Cultura de Haina :: Cultura :: - Noticias Republica Dominicana Address: Calle Maroa Trinidad Sanchez, Numero 45. Horario: 9:00am a 1:00pm and 3:00pm a 7:00 pm. tel:809 237-4404.
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    An?lisis de Coyuntura in Santo Domingo every month

    Hey all, if you are in Santo Domingo and wish to learn more about the reality here and what different organizations and regular folks are doing in order to create a more just society. I recommend the An?lisis de coyuntura at the Centro Bon?, every month. Its a very lively event were local and...
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    Rancho Campeche event with Dominican Musical Diva Xiomara Fortuna

    SOBRE LA OLA con Xiomara Fortuna ESPACIO TALLER PARA LA APRECIACION MUSICAL TODOS LOS DOMINGOS del 20 de Enero al 30 de Marzo 2008. Almuerzo buffet desde la 1:00 de la tarde, presentacion a partir de las 3:00 pm. Cada semana un/una artista invitado/a diferente Sobre la ola es un espacio para...
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    La Fundaci?n Poder Unido in Santo Domingo

    La Fundaci?n Poder Unido/United Power Foundation Hey all. I hope you are well. My name is Felix Cepeda. I am a member of the Fundaci?n Poder Unido. We are primarily an Organizing Center located in Los Mina Viejo/Rivera del Ozama, Santo Domingo Este. Still working on our incorporation but...
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    La Fundaci?n Poder Unido/United Power Foundation

    Hey all. I hope you are well. My name is Felix Cepeda. I am a member of the Fundaci?n Poder Unido. We are primarily an Organizing Center located in Los Mina Viejo/Rivera del Ozama, Santo Domingo Este. Still working on our incorporation but been at work for a while. Would love to have anyone...
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    Religious Celebrations in English

    This has probably been posted before, but if not, whatever your religion, post if you know the information for your services in English here. I would like to know. I am Catholic, Sundays 10:00 am Parroquia Universitaria Sant?sima Trinidad Calle Seminario #1, pr?ximo a Av. 27 de Febrero esq...
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    Tormenta Noel in Los Minas/Los Tres Brazos

    YouTube - Los 3 Brazos Tierra de nadie (Republica Dominicana) More videos on You Tube, later on. I shot these personally while volunteering. Hey Friends, I hope you are all fine. I am lucky to have a...
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    Celebration of San Miguel in Villa Mella Sunday November 18th

    Hello, Inviting all to Enerolisa Nu?ez annual San Miguel Celebration. some information: (Sorry spanish) Arc?ngel Miguel Su fiesta (29 de septiembre), EL nombre de Miguel se traduce del hebreo Mikael, ?Semejante a Dios?. Es el Arc?ngel que invocamos en nuestra batalla contra la negatividad...
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    Photos from Santo Domingo Este

    From what I know, There are only two churches outside of the colonial zone from that period. One is here in Santo Domingo Este, in Los Minas. From what I understand, the foundation of Los Minas dates to 1678, when African Slaves abandoned French dominiation in Haiti and founded this...
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    Enerolisa y el grupo de Salve de Mata de los Indios performing this Friday.

    Noche ?tnica Grupo de Salves Enerolisa 7:30 p.m. ? 9:30 p.m. Explanada Frontal Museo de Arte Moderno, Plaza de Cultura. Enerolisa N??ez y el Grupo de Salves de Mata los Indios, quienes forman parte de una gran tradici?n de m?sicos y cantantes de Villa Mella, ejecutar?n m?sica rural...
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    Boston vs Indians

    Hey if you are in Santo Domingo and are a baseball fan, you are invited to mi casa to watch the game tonight and hopefully if Boston wins, on sunday night as well. Good crowd,my friends (male and female) and I am a fine host! Food and Presidente. You can also feel free to bring anything to...
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    If you live in Santo Domingo and want to learn Creole.

    El Centro Pedro Francisco Bon? and its center Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados y Migrantes offers Creole Classes. The courses are really great. C/jOSEFA bREA #65, Mejoramiento Social Santo Domingo. Tel:829 688-1646
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    Folklore Festival at Megacentro

    From the DR1 cALENDAR: Oct, 12-14/07 Folklore Festival at Megacentro The Manuel Jimenez Foundation has announced the first annual Folklore Festival at Megacentro in East Santo Domingo 12-14 October. The event will showcase music, activities and expositions. 28 different musical groups will be...