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    Help: Bavaro to Los Haitises

    I have a friend staying in Bavaro and I want to take him to Los Haitises, but I'm not sure what would be the best way to do this. Has anybody done this before? I'm thinking about driving to Sabana De La Mar and catching a boat from there, but I don't know how long this would take us. Any help...
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    My turn to ask for help

    Hey gang, I have a group of clients from the US coming to Santo Domingo and I'm preparing a packet for them with all of the information they will need during their visit here. I want to include a magazine or similar publication that is in english and geared towards tourists so that in includes...
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    What the heck happened in Congress?

    I've been listening to people saying that there were shots fired during today's session when the new president for the chamber of deputies was suppossed to be elected and that it was total pandemonium. Does anyone know what really happened?
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    My brother won bronze!!!!!

    Hey gang!!! I'm so excited that I just had to share!! My brother won today a bronze medal in sailing in the Sunfish class. It's the first time ever that the Dominican Republic wins a medal in sailing in the PanAms or in any other major event. I never thought that the competition was going to...
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    Arroyito Cristalino

    Anyone has the lyrics?
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    Calling all gringos

    OK, so it's my turn to be on the other side and be the one asking questions. I moved back to Santo Domingo in September after living in the US for three years, and now as tax season approaches I'm not sure about how to proceed. I know that I should be getting a reimbursement as I did not...
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    NOSOTROS LOS DOMINICANOS 1) Estaremos siempre al lado del gobierno... porque si vamos adelante nos coge, y si vamos detr?s nos caga. 2) En R D tenemos los mejores legisladores... que el dinero puede comprar. 3) Basta ya de realidades, queremos promesas. 4) La patria dejar? de ser colonia o...
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    Hippo vs. (fill in the blank)

    Hippo decided to add our dear Cardenal to his list of "people I insult because they're smarter than me". I think this was a very bad choice ..... no one can survive politically in this country if they choose to go head to head with the Church, so this may as well be the beginning of the...
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    World Records (en espa?ol)

    Diversos personajes se acercaron a la sede de la famosa Guia Guiness de records mundiales para renovar sus titulos........ -Entro Blanca Nieves y a los 5 minutos salio exaltada de alegria: Sigo siendo la mas bella del mundo!........ -Luego entra la Virgen Maria y sale muy contenta..."todavia...
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    I'm Back!!!

    It's good to be back home in our wonderfull island, though I didn't remember it was this hot!!! I will later write a complete report of how the experience of moving back has been so far. Hopefully I will get to see some of you soon, perhaps in Juan Dolio or Santiago. jojocho
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    My last post ...

    ... from the US of A that is!! I'm finally moving back to the DR :cool: , so it's going to take me a while to get settled in and get back into posting mode. I'll let you guys know how things go. jojocho
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    I'm now ready to move back!!

    After spending four hours at an IRS office in downtown Chicago yesterday I consider myself ready to move back to the DR. I was dreading having to deal with government offices in Santo Domingo, but yesterday's ordeal put things back into perspective ... government offices are ineffeicient no...
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    Performance evaluations

    These are actual comments written in employees' performance evaluations by their supervisors ?Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig.? ?His team members would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.? ?I would not allow this employee to...