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  1. melphis


    How come I can add emojis to posts from my laptop but not my cellphone or tablet?
  2. melphis

    Seaweed is back

    I took this video this morning of the beach infront of our place. We have never had seaweed this bad before. It runs as far as I can see in Uvero Alto. The hotels finally start filling up and then this happens
  3. melphis

    Leaving DR to Western Canada

    There were a few threads on similar discussions but they all seem to be closed. Hope this one lasts a bit longer. The 3 day mandatory hotel quarantine was set to expire May 21/21. Somehow with no announcement the date on the Canadian government website was removed but it still says the...
  4. melphis

    Returning to Canada from the DR

    All of us Canadians are probably aware of the 3 day mandatory quarantine if you fly into one of the 4 Canadian airports accepting international travellers. After a conversation with WW he suggested I post this loop hole some people may not be aware of. If you can get to any state that has a...
  5. melphis

    Current cost breakdown of Residency Renewal

    I can't seem to find the actual costs of renewing our permanent residency. When we did it in 2018 these where the costs. All in pesos. Renewal 12,000 Medical 4,500 Criminal check 600 Cedula ??? (lost the receipt if there was one) I checkd the website...
  6. melphis

    Second shot in Punta Cana area.

    We received our first shots at the PUJ airport on March 6 and are due for the second shot April 6. The airport is now operating both terminals so I don't think they will be doing them at B terminal any more. Does anyone know where the second Sinovac shot can be administered in the PC/ Bavaro area.
  7. melphis


    Just wondering if any of you on the north east coast have seen any whales yet? I'm in Uvero Alto and normally we see them by now but haven't seen any yet this year. If there active there might have to do a trip to Sabana De la Mar and take the ferry over.
  8. melphis

    Conspiracy Covid Happenings Here and Abroad

    Well JDJ you asked for a conspiracy thread. Let's see what kind of crap we can get. I mean well thought out conspiracy theories.
  9. melphis

    Good storm on East Coast

    I'm sitting here on my patio and the lightening is so bright I need sunglasses and the thunder is so loud the windows are vibrating. East coast near Uvero Alto. I checked my weather apps and they say 1 to 3 mm of rain. It did that in the first 10 seconds. Hope the rest of you are having a good...
  10. melphis

    Good Dentist in PC, Bavaro, Higuey area.

    Does anyone know of a good dentist that is qualified in veneers and implants in the Bávaro, Higuey area. We got a quote from the clinic in PC village and they are pretty much the same price as Canada. The dentist I currently use in Bavaro is really good but stays away from the cosmetic stuff. We...
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    Where to start.
  12. melphis

    Off Topic Thread

    Where did the Off Topic thread go? I have logged out and back in but its still not showing up. It was just below the Clown Bin in the list of threads but its gone.
  13. melphis

    Cigar Institute, Santiago

    A few days ago I was invited to attend a new product launch at the La Aurora cigar factory in Santiago. I was invited by a freind who owns several cigar stores. It was one of the best Dominican experiences I have had in my 13 years here. From when you are greeted at the door, to the antique...
  14. melphis

    Sherwin Williams Paint

    Does anyone know where the Sherwin Williams Paint store moved to in the Bavaro/PC area. It used to be in Tri Center but moved a couple of years ago and I can't seem to find them. Thanks
  15. melphis


    I am having a battle with a small flock of pigeons. Does anyone know of a good poison to get rid of them. I have tried a few different things I found on a US website but it seems to work more as a aphrodisiac than a poison. If you know of anything thing or a place in the Bavaro area please let...
  16. melphis

    Commissions on Real Estate Sales

    I have a question that no one seems to have an answer for. A hotel waiter introduced a couple to my neighbors who are selling thier condo. They agreed upon a price and now the waiter is saying he is entitled to a 5% commision. This was never spoke of prior to the introduction of these people or...
  17. melphis

    November Full Moonrise

    Not sure if any of you caught the moonrise last night but it was one of the best I have seen here. Last chance again tonight at 19:49 with 97% brightness. Hope it's a clear sky to see it.
  18. melphis

    Breville Juicer

    I have a Breville Juicer that we don't use. It is in excellent condition and 100% complete (only used a handful of times). If anyone wants it I am giving it away. I live in Uvero Alto so you can pick it up or I can meet you in Bavaro when I go to town. PM me and we can arrange something
  19. melphis

    Check on a Legitimate Company

    I have heard that there is a Dominican Gov website that you can enter a company name into and it will let you know if it is a Legitimate registered company here. Can anyone send me this website if it does in fact exist. Thank you
  20. melphis

    The Problem with Travel Reviews

    My wife was looking into maybe checking into the new Ocean El Faro hotel for its opening on Dec 15 of this year. The hotel is new not a renovation and is still under construction. Yet it has 29 positive reviews pretty much all giving it a 5 star. How's is this possible. Unless these guys snuck...