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  1. Lucas61

    How is Import Tax Calculated?

    Every month I receive stuff from the U.S. via Vimenpaq. I always stay below the redline of USD $200.00 so as not to trigger a side trip (of my merchandise) to Customs. Until now. What a bummer. I bought a C-mount for my microscope for $339.00 USD. First, it languished at La Aduana
  2. Lucas61

    Sto. Dom. -- Where Buy Porcelain/Bone China dinnerware and/or Tea Service (aka COVID distraction)

    Now that we spent RD$ 50,000 on an andiroba hutch, we need to fill it up but there's no money left! LOL! My wife didn't see me roll my eyes when I found her enamored of some stuff at La Sirena! I want to kick it up a notch without breaking the bank. Can you recommend a store in the capital that...
  3. Lucas61

    Probably Nots

    I accrue; I accrue. But there's PROBABLY NOT a homeowner's insurance policy that exists or I can trust. I have a hankering for gulab jamun. But there's PROBABLY NOT an Indian restaurant in the capital. Years ago, in Gazcue, there was a meditation center that had wonderful (vegetarian only)...
  4. Lucas61

    Mutual Member Help: COVID VACC ASAP!

    Hello All: I know there are a lot of posts re: the COVID vaccine in this sub-forum. The audience for my post is other DR1 members who seek a vaccine ASAP and are running into problems. If we can advise each other by way of leads, maybe that will be a help. So this post is not for the vaccine...
  5. Lucas61

    Best Cat Vet in Sto. Dom.?

    Hello All, As we speak, Hanako, my 15 year old Siamese, is en route from LAX to SDQ at a cost of $1,500.00 and mind-bending requirements. That being said, after her arrival she will need an extraction of a molar. We've had two cats spayed and neutered by "fly by night" vets of whom we had...
  6. Lucas61

    Free or Not Free?

    Re: the kidnapping for ransom of the two Dominican cinematographers in the capital of Haiti, my wife reported to me yesterday via news on television, that all victims had been freed. Today I read in dr1 news that negotiations are continuing. I have a personal reason for knowing the status of...
  7. Lucas61

    Did My Wife Destroy Our Landlord's Floor?

    Hello All, We moved into a large an old apartment with beautiful ceramic tile in complex patterns and shades of reds and yellows. I don't know if ceramic tiles always come "as is" or if some have patterns painted on. My wife used a chemical to remove smudges. She calls it arisolin. This...
  8. Lucas61

    Cigar Problems

    Hello All, I can think of bigger problems than cigar problems. That being said, I wonder if any of you cigar aficionados have a solution to my problem. Via my courier service Vimenpaq I ordered a sampler 8 pack of Oliva cigars for about $54.00 from Thompson. Nice. Only to find out that they...
  9. Lucas61

    Best Hospital in Sto. Dom. ?

    Hello All, Should I ever be COVID positive and require hospitalization, I would like to know which is the best hospital in the capital both in reputation and fact. I am assuming that it is, to quote its long name, Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud. Are there others that are better or...
  10. Lucas61

    Sto. Dom: Best Furniture Store for Beds and Sofas?

    Hello All, I hope y'all are safe and well. As you know, the prices of mattresses, even without boxspring and frame, are "through the roof." And one never knows if that name brand isn't a knock-off. And sofas are often not exactly elegant and poorly made . . . When I go to the second floors...
  11. Lucas61

    Missing Dog

    "Rocky" is the name that my girlfriend has chosen for her chihuahua. The only thing we're missing is the dog. I have no idea whether associations analogous to AKC exist in the D.R. That doesn't matter much to me except that I want a purebred. I've seen enough photos of the breed's standard to...
  12. Lucas61

    A Stain on the D.R. ?

    Hello All, I hope you are all safe and well. Wow! What a beautiful new UI on the forum. I haven't been around for a while . . . I am having some bookcases made of unfinished pine. After watching a bunch of YouTube video on stains and techniques, I go to three hardware stores with large paint...
  13. Lucas61

    My Experience: How I Got Out

    I fully intended to remain in the D.R., my “home for life” where I have lived for eleven years. On Saturday, my long-term girlfriend reported robberies of customers leaving a market in Santiago; reports of two robberies of merchants on Duarte, near where I live, today or yesterday, a colmado on...
  14. Lucas61


    If you are an ex-pat and you leave for your home country, does that make you an ex-ex-pat?
  15. Lucas61

    COVID-19 is Not a Virus

    “COVID-19” is the infectious disease discovered in 2019. The virus that causes this disease is SARS-CoV-2, a single-stranded RNA molecule. “SARS”spells out “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.” Unfortunately, “SARS,” one of the critical elements responsible for mortality, is not mentioned in...
  16. Lucas61

    Public Masks: Part I

    Here in the streets of the D.R. one sees many people wearing all manner of masks: surgical, cloth, homemade, etc. And people will ask, Where is your protection? I summarize the view of WHO as follows: Masks are not recommended for members of the public. They are recommended for those who have...
  17. Lucas61

    Social Distancing: Failures, Successes, and a Paradox

    The three measures I hear are for 1, 1.5, and 2 meters. By definition, two meters is the safest! Here is a contradiction that we all would do well to heed. Perhaps you’ve experienced, as I have, or seen on national media, as I have, the following situation which applies to banks and to chain...
  18. Lucas61

    New Quarantine Measures Effective Today or Tomorrow? Need Source.

    Family members are reporting new nationwide quarantine measures but I cannot identify the official source. At this point, it is heresay. This would include anyone on the street from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. subject to arrest and detention. All banks, markets, pharmacies, restaurants with takeout...
  19. Lucas61

    For Expats Who've Decided to Stay, What Would Trigger Decision to Leave?

    1. A saturated or overwhelmed acute health care system. This assumes that you are positive for Covid-19 and that your condition is severe. (If you are never infected or your case is mild, then this question is moot). This item particularly references unavailability of supplemental oxygen or...
  20. Lucas61

    Principal Map Used Worldwide to Report on Covid-19 Infection and Mortality Rates

    This map is designed and maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, John Hopkins University of Medicine, and uses for its database sources from WHO, CDC, and others. Within the world stats you will find the D.R. and Haiti, both for reported infections and mortality. Go to...