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    Translated Articles

    I have volunteered to translate articles, as requested, for Ayibopost which is an online journal run by Widlore Merancourt, who regularly reports for Associated Press and The Washington Post. It pained me that this was the article that he chose - he did observe that it was "heartbreaking but...
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    Haiti's Burden of History

    In speaking with one of my Haitian friends recently, I observed that in discussions with some of the younger journalists, I observed that Haiti is always burdened by her history. Educated young Haitians when speaking with me would always start back at the "defeat of Napoleon's army." Then they...
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    Dominican Company tied to PetroCaribe scandal

    The basic scandal underlying the upending the Moise governmen was the mismanagement of the $2 billion in aid money from Venezuela by governments from 2008 to the present. The High Court issued a 1000 page report in 2019 ..."But the court said Monday that more than $46 million were paid to a...
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    Binational Market

    Could I get help with the translation of this please - Spanish is my third language and I do not want to get this wrong - from the article posted today by Dolores - “La única medida que queda sin efecto es el cierre de los mercados binacionales, cuyo funcionamiento será regulado de ahora en...
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    US Policy on Haiti

    The Biden Administration has already changed one aspect of US policy on Haiti by extending the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of Haitians in the United States There was a hearing in front of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs which ended with a summary letter of policy recommendations to...
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    Winston Churchill loved paraprosdokians, figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected. 1. Where there's a will, I want to be in it. 2. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list. 3. Since light travels faster than sound...
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    Police Killed and stations over run

    I had a distressing call from a Haitian friend (who has been trapped in Ottawa during the COVID quarantine) --who reported that as of last Friday more than 600 policeman have been killed. He said about half the police in PauP have been killed. Many of the people that are seen running in the...
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    COVID in Haiti

    I hope this stays this way - I remember the conversations around India about how well they did during the first wave of COVID...
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    US has awakened to situation on the ground

    Evidently a faction inside the US government has awakened to the fact that Haiti is in chaos, the President there has zero support, any election or constitutional reform will be questionable -- BUT - Well - WHO will they find to be the Next Papa Doc? Or even the Next Preval? It seems that Moise...
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    Haiti eligible for COVID vaccine under COVAX

    There is a global program under WHO to distribute vaccines to the lowest income countries. Haiti is on the list - I think that the program is just in the production and stockpiling stage - and approving of vaccines from various sources -...
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    Short Course in Haitian History for Newbies -

    Evidently the authors of the Encyclopedia Britannica gave up on Haiti in 2017. There will be quibbles on some details in this article but for those who have not been following this forum since its inception in 1879 - (kidding) - this might serve as a Reasonably Factual summary -...
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    NYTimes Front page

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    Helping out- how much?

    A dear Dominican friend of mine from LT sent me a message today asking if I could help him out as he has no money for food. I sent him $100 since - I had it and He has never asked for anything in the 4 years that I have been gone - I know him to be a proud man who would not ask if things were...
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    36 Hours in Santo Domingo: From today's NYT

    Nice write up in today's NYTimes -
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    Medical Care in the DR

    Following up on a recent thread on "emergency medical care" in the DR - I just wanted to testify that the treatment that I received there over my 14 years was not only as good as but often BETTER than anything I have had in the United States. I doubt that there is anyone on this Board who has...
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    Brexit Yoga
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    Birds in the DR

    Hummingbirds made a big splash in the NYTimes this week There is one hummingbird that is endemic to Hispaniola (as in found no where else on earth) I had a hummingbird feeder on my balcony in SD and absolutely delighted...
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    New Dominican Airline Company initiates flights

    Round trip tickets under $400 Sorry could not change the headline - the Airline is Dominican
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    Sun Screen and Coral Reefs

    Although there are hardly any coral reefs around the DR - there are still some - around Las Terrenas and the South - and a very few around Punta Cana.... And - there may not be very many "Tree Huggers" among those who are reading here... but for the Business Minded - it might be an opportunity...
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    PetroCaribe Scandal-simmering down?

    A piece from today's NY times - Hard to figure out what sort of international body would have any sort of clout/respect in Haiti. Perhaps the government of Norway?