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  1. melphis

    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    I would switch to the Pfizer as if you plan to travel it's accepted pretty much world wide. I had 2 Sinovac (March/April) and 2 Pfizer (Aug/Sept) with no side effects.
  2. melphis

    Customer Service and Sales job

    With a base salary of $2.75 USD per hour, good luck finding anybody. I think the sugar cane pickers make more than that.
  3. melphis

    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    I had my fourth vaccine yesterday. 2 Sinovac in the DR and 2 Pfizer in Alberta. So far I have not turned into a Zombie, not sick at all, testicles are fine, (thanks for caring lol). The only thing so far is the arm is a bit sore from where they injected the vaccine. Now I can access pretty much...
  4. melphis

    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    You have to admire their stamina getting from Haiti to Brazil then doing the trek north to the US boarder only to be loaded up and shipped back.
  5. melphis

    Lawsuit against COORAPLATA for bad service!

    More like all of the country
  6. melphis

    First Place You Visited In DR

    We did a road trip there a few years ago. It was beautiful. After 14 years ocean front we might try the mountains in the next few years for a change of scenery and climate.
  7. melphis

    First Place You Visited In DR

    That's it. We called it the gauntlet as the peddlers out numbered the tourists walking through there. I plan on visiting it first week of November once we get settled in.
  8. melphis

    First Place You Visited In DR

    My first time to the DR my wife wanted to buy property here. The hotel we stayed in was great but AI's are all pretty much the same. What convinced me was we went to the beach in Bavaro in front of the old decrepit building (that looks like its from the Flintstones) and had a ice cold beer at a...
  9. melphis

    It’s the time to donate to the arts

    The few cultural exhibits I have been dragged to (kicking and screaming like a little girl) where attended to, IMO, by nothing but a bunch of elitist snobs. I much prefer to donate to causes that will benefit people that need it, not wealthy people looking to get a better Rembrandt or a bigger...
  10. melphis

    President promises RD$2.6 billion in public works for Dajabón on the border with Haiti

    I sure hope most of it is for a really big secure wall.
  11. melphis

    Sloppy Concrete Work ork

    My first year in the DR was probably the most educational here. Over 2 days I watched 2 different paint crews in a friends apartment. The first crew came in and painted the walls. The second crew came in and spray painted the doors and trim. They got overspray on everything. The first crew came...
  12. melphis

    Newfoundland DR1 Members

    Last I heard it was down graded to a tropical depression when it hit. Still a kick ass storm but not a hurricane. Haven't heard of any loss o life or severe damage yet the media is busy with the election.
  13. melphis

    Mortgage interest rates drop

    Thanks for the clarification. Those rates are ridiculously high compared to the rest of the world. When we sold are condo we discuss doing some private financing with a new buyer but when you realize how hard it is to evict someone in the DR we scrapped that idea. Our theory is that if you...
  14. melphis

    Mortgage interest rates drop

    I'm not sure what crap you are eluding to. Could you be more specific?
  15. melphis

    Canada announces vaccine mandate for air travel

    I showed them mine (not translated) in June with both Sinovac shots and they could read the vaccine was Sinovac so the only problem is that Sinovac is not recognized by any health authority in Canada. For those with approved shots on a Dominican vaccine card if it clearly says the name (Pfizer...
  16. melphis

    Do you think the heavy handed moderation on this board and particulary this North Coast section is stifiling participation?

    Thanks for cleaning up this thread. That by itself answers the OP's question. Anyone that still carries an 18 year old grudge over a few words on a public forum needs to take a long look at what they are doing and why. Thanks again.
  17. melphis

    Do you think the heavy handed moderation on this board and particulary this North Coast section is stifiling participation?

    A few years ago when Robert still owned DR1 he started a sub thread in Off Topic called Monfongo or something close to it. He asked me to be the first moderator on it and it would rotate every month. I didn't do the carnage that he had hoped for but I did manage to piss off several people before...
  18. melphis

    Divorce questions

    I'm just going to guess the story he talks about is older lonely man with lots of cash meets reasonably good looking young Chica, falls in love, marries her (despite all the advise from friends and family), then seeks divorce advise from a public forum. But I'm just guessing
  19. melphis

    Do you think the heavy handed moderation on this board and particulary this North Coast section is stifiling participation?

    Of all the forums I belong to DR1 has the most flexibility. I'm not sure if its because of the multitude of topics discuss here but the mods seem really fair. If you want to show your brilliance (or ignorance) on topics not related to the DR there are thousands of forums to go to. Why on earth...