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    Getting ready to remove the curfew?

    Has anyone else heard the rumor that the government is getting ready to remove the curfew completely? One of my friends who is a police officer heard today at the Palacio that this could happen from the 15th (Monday) but she stressed it was just a rumor and is trying to find out more concrete...
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    The free PCR tests that aren't free

    After the big fanfare in the press that the government would pay for PCR tests for tourists staying in hotels returning to the US, those of us who own hotels have been trying to find out how we get such tests done for free. The ministry of tourism sent us a list of places that we have to send...
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    Restaurant Prices Shooting Up

    Over the last couple of weeks I've been shocked at how expensive restaurants have become. Today at Bocana Boca Chica, prices were sky high. A Cuba Libre for RD$ 380. Pechuga a la Plancha for just under RD$ 900. A soda for RD$ 200. in case anyone doesn't believe...
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    Looser curfew coming (heard a rumor)

    Today I had lunch with someone who runs a big bar and restaurant in Santo Domingo She told me that she is geting ready because the Toque de Queda is going to be relaxed more next week. The new hours will be 9pm in the weekdays with 3 hours free transit, so you have to be home by midnight...
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    Brits now allowed to enter DR again

    The ban on UK passengers arriving in DR was very quietly lifted today and UK nationals are now allowed to enter if they have a negative PCR test within the last three days. Nothing I can see reported in the news about this, but it is on the IATA web page now. I can't see this will have...
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    There is a rumour circulating amongst hoteliers that the government is about to announce a shut-down of airports for 15 days from 10th January. Been reported to me now by four separate people, all who either run hotels or are important people in the world of tourism. May be just Punta Cana...
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    New Year's Eve and the capital is weirdly silent. Absolutely silent. Not a car on the Malecon, you can hear the waves and the sound of a solitary dog barking. I have never in 10 years seen the capital like this, it's surreal.
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    All flights from UK about to be banned I have no idea what happens to the planeloads of tourists who are already here.
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    Experience of an AI resort

    We just stayed at the Royalton Splash resort and thought I would give some feedback. The guest profile was about 90% Dominicans so just a small handful of foreigners. They had a big conference on with 250 delegates so it was busy. I got the impression that everyone had paid a very low...
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    Buying something online from IKEA - complete nightmare

    Today IKEA has a 10% discount on anything you buy. I needed some things, so when I received the email I went online and chose what I wanted. Got to the final stage, but there's no way to ask for a Comprobante Fiscal as someone cleverly completely forgot to include that on their website...
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    Help please. DHL or Customs contact

    Hello. I have an urgent consignment held up in Customs. The shipper is DHL. Going round and round in circles speaking to idiots in call centers. Has anyone got a contact in DHL or Customs they could help me with?
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    No need for Covid tests for arriving tourists

    The new government has just announced that there will be no need for arriving tourists to produce Covid tests, no mass testing at airports, only random testing. Also that all tourists staying in hotels will benefit from a state programme which will cover medical costs, any costs associated...
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    Great (free) webinar about Dominican Republic

    Yesterday there was a free webinar, focusing on the non-touristy parts of the Dominican Republic by a British travel writer, Monty Hall. It's nice viewing for anyone like me who is missing the beautiful country and for anyone who hasn't really seen much of the non-tourist areas. There are...
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    Schooling in Santo Domingo Este - Parents & Educators please help

    I have always taken care of my god-daughter's schooling. She is now 8 turning 9 in September. She started at Cathedral School when she was 3 - we chose the school because it supposedly taught everything in English. She attends every day from 8am and also does after school classes until...
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    Worrying behaviour by a school

    The Cathedral School which has two branches in Santo Domingo has evidently sent a lot of its teachers home with no pay during the month of April, yet is insisting that all parents who pay monthly continue to pay, and obviously has pocketed the cash from those who pay annually. This just seems...
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    Toll Booths near El Catey airport

    Can someone explain what they are doing with the toll booths near to El Catey. It seems that they are going to open the new one next to the airport roundabout, so will there be a charge for driving from Nagua to Sanchez? There is also the other one which is about to open on the Las...
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    Is this a terrible year so far for tourism?

    I know the hotel market in Santo Domingo reasonably well, and I'm pretty certain that a lot of hotels are having a very rough time. This week, Valentines week, normally very busy, there are five-star hotels like Catalonia selling for US$ 80 for an ocean-view room with breakfast included. I...
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    LGBT: Gay Friendly Hotels and bars in Boca Chica, please only post relevant info

    I'd like to ask anyone in the LGBT community, friends and supporters to help with information on gay-friendly hotels (or gay hotels if there are any) in Boca Chica, and also any bars which are gay-friendly. I'd like to request that people only post relevant information and don't turn this...
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    Solar Panel Recommendations

    The tower that I live in, in Santo Domingo, has a massive flat roof and are finally interested in installing solar panels. It should be a nice contract for a company as it's quite a big tower. Can anyone recommend a good solar panel company that handles work in the capital?
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    Drinking street water - interesting results

    I've just bought an apartment in a tower, and I wanted to install a boiling water tap (faucet). But this only works when connected to the mains water supply, not with bottled water. I read on the CAASD website that they say that in Greater Santo Domingo the water from the tap is perfectly...