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    Today's US Exchange Rate

    $56.20 in POP yesterday 20/9/21
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    German Butcher shop Sosua Jimmy Dean sausage

    It's the best.
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    Ministry of Education insists on easier tests for public school teachers

    When you use what another country does or doesn't do as an excuse for what your country will or want do you have set a trap for yourself. Truth and excellence are not debatable. If all you want is manual labor for your country, family or friends, then dumb it down. Do you realize a ten year old...
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    Jovenel Moise murdered in Haiti; DR-Haiti contingency plan enacted and border is closed

    The world will turn its back. The United Nations will say "Been there done that," and the Dominican Republic will suffer because of universal apathy. This is not to say there is an easy solution to the Haiti crisis, but the Dominican Republic cannot be held accountable for the incompetency of a...
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    Nobody can use sirens, police horns or police lights

    I stop when the light is red or when there is a stop sign. Here in Puerto Plata I recently counted the number of vehicles and moto conchos and smaller motor bikes run the red light while 6 DIGIST (excuse the spelling), traffic police, watched and didn't do anything. The number was 12 and this...
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    Ministry of Education distributes 600,000 e-devices; alert on massive school desertion

    The void in education existed prior to Covid. However, the actions taken by the government have now created a chasm that will be be very difficult to repair. Not only will there be massive numbers of children who will never return to school, there will also be massive numbers of children who...
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    Dominicans to get third dose of vaccine; should be different from already received vaccine

    You can't get the third dose. Not approved at this time.
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    Tourism Minister David Collado announces works for Puerto Plata

    The irony of this meeting is that it was held in Cofresi and not one peso was allocated for Cofresi. We have the beach that gets inundated by people from Santiago every weekend and we get no help.
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    INVI is buying umbrellas for RD$4,690 each

    Oh my! $83.00 USD umbrellas. Is the handle Platinum? Is the shaft gold? Is the material cashmere? Surely somebody will sound the alarm.
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    Coming soon: Pay your fine for crossing a red light, or you wont be able to travel

    Just out of curiosity I counted the number of vehicles without license plates, on my way to LaSirena in POP. Today was a good day. Only 8 vehichles at 7am. Imagine at 9am. Also I counted the number of motorcycles that ran the red light where Javilla tours is. Only fourteen! In America there are...
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    Government extends free insurance for another month

    I have not read any data on the number of tourists, if any, have used the free medical being offered. If anyone has this information I would like to see it. Thanks JD
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    People’s China donates sugar cane cutter to Dominican Republic

    I once asked the manager of a large Zona Franca why men were cutting grass with machetes. His reply was that if they bought a lawn mower it would put 3 dominicans out of work. If there were to be several more machines purchased thenI predict many fires will be lit.
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    Government debt in the DR

    Santo Domingo.- In a year marked by the pandemic the total Dominican debt reached, in 2020, a milestone by soaring to US$54.5 billion, or 69.1% of GDP. It is commonly known that if you owe more than you earn you either have to borrow more, raise taxes or declare insolvency. The government must...
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    Covid Vaccination

    Went for my second shot in POP, by the Bombero. I live in Cofresi, and I left the house at 11:20 am and returned at 12:15pm. I waited longer after the shot than time waiting to get registered. Before I went for the shot Claro sent me a message reminding me to get the shot today. All in all I am...
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    A quote from a news release in DR1: What a wake-up call for young folks. The head of the tuberculosis unit at the Santo Socorro Hospital in Santo Domingo has just revealed that 75% of those between the ages of 18 and 30 that are testing positive for TB are hookah users. And TB is contagious...
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    Golf course in Costambar open?

    It is open LAS MANGOS
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    Residency Renewal

    I am playing golf with my friend in the morning and I will share the DR1 comments and see if there is any clarification on the issue. My guess is there won't be.
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    Residency Renewal

    Just had a buddy of mine I play golf with return from Santo Domingo. He had gone to renew his 10 year permanent residency. Upon arrival he was informed at migration that the 10 year was no longer offered and he had to get a 4 year residency. I renewed in December 2020 for 10 years. Boy am I...
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    Senasa was the cinderella, today it is the best health provider

    There are less than 12,000,000 people in the DR and this article says Senasa has almost 7,000,000 affiliates. How can that be? Are there 7 million people on the government payroll?
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    Entertainment Noise Levels at Resorts.

    I live in Cofresi and the music at Lifestyles Resort, at times is so loud it vibrates in your home. I don't mind daytime stuff and even until a reasonable hour in the evening but at times it is after midnight! That is just wrong. Complaining to them only guarantees the music will get louder.