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    Mom CB has passed RIP

    Sadness permeates the mountains of Jarabacoa with the news of the passing of Mom CB. A well read and accomplished woman she stayed sharp throughout her senior years. I always enjoyed her company and her conversation. She was the embodiment of southern graciousness and class. My...
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    Visa free travel to British Guyana?

    From the DR1 news, quoting El Dia and Listin Diario..........maybe someone should inform the government that British Guyana ceased to exist in 1966. It is now the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and referred to as just Guyana. "Many countries visa free for Dominicans An editorial in El Dia on...
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    FYI The US FOMC is expected to raise interest rates .25% today. This may put pressure on the Peso to begin to move closer to a 50:1 dollar exchange rate. With 2 more US rate hikes predicted this year, and without the Banco Central raising rates to protect the Peso, 50:1 could very well be on...
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    Chrysler Recall

    FYI Fiat Chrysler is recalling 4.8 million vehicles for possible failure of cruise control to disengage. Not that cruise control can even be widely used in the DR.......but.... It affects models of the Jeep/Grand Cherokee lineup and some who post here have indicated they own/drive these...
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    Latin American Wings.........clipped

    La Romana, Dominican Republic.- Chilean low-cost airline Latin American Wings (LAW) has stranded hundreds of passengers during four days at the airports of Santiago and La Romana in the Dominican Republic, sparking heated protests. Some 70 Chileans, who were on vacation in the Dominican resort...
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    Constanza Airport

    Has anyone flown a private plane into COZ? Looking for basic updated info....fbo, tiedowns, suggestions, etc. CB, Beeza? Mapping out a bucket list trip through several of the Islands in the Saratoga and looking for the local take on things. Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    Perseverance, hard work, luck, and most importantly....Opportunity

    Meet Robbie Cabral; Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    Global Competitive Index Dominican Republic

    They are going the wrong way again....dropping 12 places from last year; Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    FYI Jetblue drops first bag free to DR with basic fare purchase

    Up until recently, Jetblue allowed the first bag free of charge on all flights to the DR no matter what type of ticketed fare you purchased. That has now changed. If you purchase their basic fare (Blue), you will pay an additional $25.00 for the first bag. However, for those that have the...
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    Payless Shoes FYI

    For those that shop at their various locations in the DR, be aware they have this afternoon filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and may well close their operations in the DR. 500 of their 4,000 stores will likely be closed fairly quickly. Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    David Ortiz' New Career

    On the heels of his skit as Lyft driver..... David Ortiz has found a new profession as a tennis coach. Who needs beisbol. Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    Has anyone actually exchanged dollars this morning? The US Federal Reserve hiked rates a 1/4 point yesterday and the reaction this morning has been a decline in value for the majors like the Euro/Yen/Pound. Emerging market currencies are also being affected, i.e., Mexican peso. A bump in the...
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    Big Papi Undercover Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    More police officers MIA I wonder if they counted "Monchy" or Lt. Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners...
  15. P by 11-18

    JB is offering some excellent pricing in its "act fast" sale. Book by 11/18 for travel until early/mid February......blackout dates apply....but pricing looks to be in the low $400 round trip range for travel from JFK/BOS to SDQ/STI/PUJ. If you lose. Respectfully, Playacaribe2
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    Jetblue begins charging for first bag

    Today Jetblue announced a $20 first bag (online) fee if you opt for its Blue service (the least expensive ticket). Their other more expensive tickets and those with Mosaic status in their frequent flyer program are not affected. If you are currently holding an already purchased ticket, you are...
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    Directions Needed

    I am currently in Moca meeting with my car dealer clients. From there I will proceed to SFM to meet with another car dealer/client. I want to head over to Samana for a couple of days, more specifically the Bahia Principe/Cayo Levantado. What would be the best route road condition wise....not...
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    New DR tax policy on baggage fees

    FYI: Checking on my reservation with Jetblue, I came across a "new baggage policy" on the website. I had anticipated that Jetblue would soon begin charging for the first bag too, but expected that announcement to come around Nov. 1st as Jetblue changes CEO's. However, this new fee is not from...
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    Free 17" Dell LCD Monitors

    The institution I represent has from time to time computers/monitors that are surplus. Right now they have upgraded their monitors and have a number of used that can be donated to an orphanage, public school, etc. I/We have equipped an orphanage in Santiago with computers/monitors and there...
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    World Economic Forum/Global Competeitive Index 2014-2015

    The rankings/ratings are out. DR moved up "slightly" overall....but the same problems persist. To cut to the chase, scroll to Page 170. Respectfully, Playacaribe2