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    Low voltage

    Is somebody else having problems with the voltage in Costambar? Since last night tv doesnt work, waterpump and other appliances.
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    Any Oktoberfest in POP this year?
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    Ocean Village

    Anybody been to Ocean Village in Sosua? Can everybody go there and enjoy the pools, kids games and restaurant or is it only for members? If you can go what is the price to spend a day there?
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    Compact digital camara

    I am thinking of buying a new camara, a while ago Robert posted and recommended the Canon f90 or 95. I am not an expert, just love to take pictures and carry with me a handy camara. Any recommendations?
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    Where can I buy binoculars in Puerto Plata?
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    Ocean World Cofresi

    Just got back from Ocean World, have been before but today we did the Dolphin encounter, what a great experience. Not too many people there, I guess it is because off season. We very much enjoyed the pool where the lions are, the birds, shark show and my favourite- the sea lions. Lunch was...
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    Need a good shoe shop in Santiago which sells larger size( 12-13), and also womens shoes.Cant find decent shoes in Puerto Plata.
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    We would like to spend 3 or 4 days in Constanza, in September, anybody has some suggestionas about lodging?
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    Any idea how to keep mimes( dont know what they are called in English, some kind of flies)away from fruits? Seems they are around every year during hot summer months.
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    Internet speed

    My internet(Claro) speed dropped almost to a stop about 5 days ago, what is the problem, how can I solve it?
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    Champions League Final

    Where is the best place to watch the final between Manchester and Barcelona on the 28th of May?
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    Costambar Golf

    looks like something is happening at the Los Mangos Golf Course, soon another restaurant, bar, spa etc. anybody has more details?
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    Embocca Cabarete

    Somebody told me that this is a great place and restaurant to spend a sunday, anybody has some info?
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    Downtown Puerto Plata and some barrios flooded, any info on this one?
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    Executive Chef

    Just saw an ad for a position as executive Chef at the Sanctuary Hotel in Cap Cana, if anyone is interested.
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    German butcher

    Which German butcher is the best in Sosua?
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    Interesting report about Punta Cana Airport-in Spanish

    El Tiempo-Bogota Varios aviones se han aproximado el uno al otro en los ?ltimos meses, denunciaron hoy fuentes del sector. La Asociaci?n Nacional de Pilotos (ANP) local acus? a las autoridades competentes de ocultar las reales condiciones en que se encuentra el radar de la terminal de Punta...
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    Arts and Craft Fair in Playa Dorada

    Today and tomorrow there is a fair with local artists and handmade crafts, sponsorded by an American organization, only items made with local material is sold, not like at the souvenir shops where they sell stuff imported from china, indonesia etc. It is in playa dorada at he golf club, from 10...
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    Accident in POP

    This morning at 6 am an employees bus killed 8 at the local market, apparently the brakes failed.
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    New Restaurant POP

    The restaurant Aleph in POP opened 2 weeks ago, anybody has some news?