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    Government debt in the DR

    Santo Domingo.- In a year marked by the pandemic the total Dominican debt reached, in 2020, a milestone by soaring to US$54.5 billion, or 69.1% of GDP. It is commonly known that if you owe more than you earn you either have to borrow more, raise taxes or declare insolvency. The government must...
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    Covid Vaccination

    Went for my second shot in POP, by the Bombero. I live in Cofresi, and I left the house at 11:20 am and returned at 12:15pm. I waited longer after the shot than time waiting to get registered. Before I went for the shot Claro sent me a message reminding me to get the shot today. All in all I am...
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    A quote from a news release in DR1: What a wake-up call for young folks. The head of the tuberculosis unit at the Santo Socorro Hospital in Santo Domingo has just revealed that 75% of those between the ages of 18 and 30 that are testing positive for TB are hookah users. And TB is contagious...
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    Residency Renewal

    Just had a buddy of mine I play golf with return from Santo Domingo. He had gone to renew his 10 year permanent residency. Upon arrival he was informed at migration that the 10 year was no longer offered and he had to get a 4 year residency. I renewed in December 2020 for 10 years. Boy am I...
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    Mail and Package Service

    What are mail and package services available in Puerto Plata?
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    I have 30 or 40 English paperbacks, detective and mystery novels. If you would like them PM me and I will give them to you. My only request is that you must take all of them I am in Cofresi. JD
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    Anyone else notice ther is not tax due information on Suri Plus? usually posted after the 15th of the month. A few days ago the website was down.
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    Fresh water tropical fish

    I need help finding fresh water tropical fish to purchase. If you can help let me know. I'm in Cofresi so from Cabarette to Santiago will work. Thanks
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    Based on data from the 2010 Census, the National Statistical Office (ONE) has revealed that 1,105,643 people over the age of six cannot read or write. This is about 13% of the Dominican Republic's population. In the 2002 Census, the percentage of people who were illiterate was placed at 16%...
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    Super Bowl Sunday @ Chris & Maddy's

    Just added new Sony 55 inch TV. Come by and enjoy.
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    Call Center Closing
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    Record Retention

    If a Dominican Corporation (S.A.) closes operations what is the Dominican law regarding record retention. Specifically, if there is no longer a business there is no longer a place to store records.
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    Minimum Wage

    Several questions: First, has a new minimum wage actually been established and if so, what is it. Second, since maids who work in villas are not subject to the labor code I am assuming they would not be elligible for minimum wage in the first place, right or wrong? Third, if a worker already...
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    Domestic Definition

    If an individual condo unit owner, hires a maid for one day a week is she considered domestic. She is not working for the condominiums but for a unit owner.
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    What's up in Cofresi

    Have you seen the sign on Cofresi Beach put up by EMI/Sun Village advertising ocean front lots for development? I thought there was a 60 meter rule. Plus, thousands of Domincans use this beach, not to speak of tourist. Just wondering if it can be done and does anyone know what's going on.
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    Getting married after being 60 years old

    I recently read that in the Dominican Republic if enter into marriage and you are 60 years of age or older at the time of marriage that you cannot divorce. Is this true?
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    Metro for 20 pesos

    The Metro is not even expected to be completed until the "end" of the current administration, that would be about 2011 or so. Well, if it only cost 20 pesos by then I will eat my hat, coat and shoes. This is going to be a big shock to people for several reasons. First, how many people could or...
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    Costambar Protest

    Didn't see anyone else posting on this. About 9:30 am today protesters from the Costambar area blocked the bridge in front of the Free Zone so no one could pass from POP or Santiago. A big mess for about 90 minutes then the troops came and after attempted negotiations, I presume, enough was...