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    Recommendations for a tiler, carpenter in Cabarete...

    Hi, can anyone recommend a tiler and carpenter that do good work and that are reliable in the Cabarete area. who will give me a fair price don't mind to pay a little more than what a local would pay but i'm getting fed up the minute i get a quote for any work because i am a tourist it always i...
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    Flying to south america cheapest way

    Hi, what is the cheapest way to fly from either puerto plata or santo domingo to peru or ecuador please? it's lloking like panama or miami so far, always a nghtmare going through the states though im a british passport holder. Thanks
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    Where is the cheapest place i can fly out of puerto plata to have ticket out

    Hi, my airline condor is asking me for return or onward ticket out of the coutry, i don't want to buy one as i want to leave my plans open so where is the chepest place i can fly out of puerto plata to give me a ticket out of the country? Thanks i'm leaving in 3 weeks to pop.
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    Condor proof of onward travel

    Hi, on my original purchase of my one way flight to the DR from London heathrow no mention of a return ticket was required, however now i have my flight paper ticket it's asking me to present a return or ongoing ticket. I have never been asked for this before, i don't know what to do as i want...
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    Yellow fever vaccination

    Hi, where can i get a yellow fever vaccination in the Cabarete or close surrounding area and any idea of cost, thanks?
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    Hi, can anyone recommend a good dentist to me please in the cabarete or close surrounding area that speaks English please? also some idea of prices for teeth cleaning, general check up and fillings? thanks
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    Problems getting insurance

    Hi all, i'm having problems getting insurance in England before my return to the DR because under residency in the policy it says i have to have been living in the uk six months before i take out policy and the one policy i found that does not state this is double the price. I did have a policy...
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    VISA OVERSTAY leaving from Puerto plata

    Hi, can anyone give my current info on visa oversaty for 6 months 2 weeks and 9 days so i guess they would bring that up to 7 months. im from uk don't know if that makes a difference and will be leaving from Puerto plata. Thanks
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    What other airlines fly from Puerto plata to Toronto?

    Hi, what other airlines fly from puerto plata to toronto other that westjet and sunwing? or is that it. Also can you fly from Santo Domingo to Toronto. thanks
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    Random question re redecorating my apartment

    Questions Has anyone brought a DVD player and flat screen TV from the Uk will it be compatible? Where can I buy ready made louver doors? Cheap floor tiles? In the cabarete area and surrounding area thanks
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    Highest paying job for a tourist in Cabarete area?

    Hi, i was just wondering what would be the highest paying job in the Cabarete area for a tourist and the only thing that springs to mind is kitesurfing instructor. . I want to live here but am thinking would it just make more sense to go back home make some money and come back. I just can't face...
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    Puerto plata to london gatwick

    Getting to and from the uk Any ideas on a cheap way to get to and from the uk, preferably flying into/out of Puerto plata and Gatwick from uk, i will consider other airports. The only direct flights into Pop are for two weeks only, which means kissing goodbye to my return flight and having to...
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    Getting an x-ray in cabarete area

    Hi, i think i have fractured my sternum, where can i get an x-ray in the cabarete, sosua, pop area and any idea how much it will cost, i'm a foreigner. many thanks
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    Going to the usa

    Hi, does anyone know the answer to this question please, im English and my boyfriend is half dominican/american holding an american passport. We are living in the DR but want to go to the states to work, he can i can't. if we get married will i be entitled to a work visa or green card straight...