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    Small change needed in Sosua, coins and bills

    Since the local banks aren't helping us at all with this lately, receiving small change has become rather difficult. So in case you have some, or are opening you piggy bank and don't know where to change all those coins, why not come to us? CopIcentro Sosua, right behind Baileys Restaurant needs...
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    Driving from Constanza to Bani via San Jose de Ochoa?

    Is this road ok to drive with a regular car (not SUV) ? How long would the trip take for a slow driver with occasional stops? Thanks for helping.
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    What happened to Reydey Moto Rental, Sosua?

    I guess it was open as usual yesterday, but today all furniture, is gone. No cars, motorcycles there, they're even ripping the roof apart... Real, the owner is nowhere to be seen either. Anybody knows what's going on?
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    Buying stationery in Santiago

    Is there any other place besides Prodimpa/Improficina, to buy stationery in Santiago? I?m looking for great variety as well as wholesale discount. Thanks!
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    CardNet there a better option?

    Since I am very dissatisfied with the way CardNet processes our clients CC payments I really wonder if there is a better option. Anyone has experience with other companies?
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    White longhaired cat found in Sosua

    Anyone who misses a white longhaired she-cat, please PM me. It was found on newyears eve close to PLAYERO.
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    Has anyone seen Thomas Churchill lately?

    We went to his house in El Choco yesterday and found nothing but a bunch of Haitians there. The house is in a incredibly bad shape, the front gate forced open. Is this guy still around?
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    What happened to Xanadu Ranch?

    This guy used to write dozens of posts daily, some years ago. What happened? Sorry I haven?t been on the board for a while... have I missed sth?
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    Lawyer playing tricks?

    We were just about to sell a piece of land we bought about 5 years ago through Guido Perdomo, Sosua. Its about 900m?, just outside of Cabarete, worth about $15.000. The land had been untouched for at least a decade, so I had it cleaned out a month ago, and the neighbour showed interest right...
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    Activities for kids in Sosua / Cabarete

    Soccer: Every Saturday at 10 A.M. at the El Choco Baseballfield. Training for kids, starting 4 years. Karate / Self defense: Every Saturday, 3 P.M. at the "Residencia Dominicana", Pro Cab, Cabarete. Training for kids, starting 4 years. 100 RD$/ hour. Kids can use the pool after the class...
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    Sosua: Did some ladron get shot 3 or 4 nights ago?

    Seems like a rumor, or can anyone confirm this: Some ladron did supposedly get shot dead in front of the Super Super / Banco del Progresso at around 9PM. I heard this first about 3 days ago...
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    Salt thrown in front of s.o.?s business door

    I heard of people who had their locks glued with coqui or so, to express some customers dissatisfaction probably. But what does it mean when someone gets salt thrown in front of their business door? Some voodoo or what?
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    Tu si eres babosa

    The story: Two girls, one of them tells the other one that she?s going to dump her boyfriend, so the other girl says:Tu si eres babosa What?s this mean here?
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    Macanudo Cigars

    Where are they produced? Santiago?
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    Villas Carolina, Sosua

    Could anyone comment on this? This place is totally run down and the apartments are for sale at very low prices. What happened there? Could this complex ever come back to life, and might it be a good idea to buy sth now, just to wait for a change there?
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    ...or however it is spelled. I know it is to express horror or disgust. But where is it derived from? Or is this a taino word too? Thanks!
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    Looking for Ex-Business contact in Arizona

    I have been dumb, I know. I let my business contact (6 years doing business together) in Arizona take care of quite some money while things were uncertain during the Hippo days. I sent checks with her name, which she supposedly put to her account in the Bank of America. I have received back some...
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    Kids activities! What is there in Sosua / Cabarete?

    What kind of activities are there besides kindergarden and school for kids from 3 to 11 years? Please help me to get more ideas. Any clubs for sports, music classes etc...whatever...? I?d appreciate any suggestion. Thanks, gerd
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    Receiving US$3000 by Western Union from the US

    I was supposed to receive a wire from the US, US$3000 by Western Union here in Sosua today. Now the person who supposedly sent the money comes up with this: "Yes, they are sending me back to WU tomorrow to do a receive and get the funds returned. The problem with the W/U was probably because...
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    Anyone interestes in a goodlooking dominicana?

    I?m desperate. Anyone knows how to get rid of my dominican woman? The best way would be, if she finds an idiot who falls in love and takes her far away. How can I advertise, without her knowing it? She looks good, bangs great, has an 11year old daughter who looks promising. All I want is s.o...