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    Does anyone know where red door pizza is located? So far only know the is neighbor, padres la casa.

    I saw some comments about fresh bagels in Santiago, couple people agree that reddoorpizzard is the place to go, I found their instagram account but after of couple days they haven't replied yet to my inquiry about the location. This name does not come up in google maps or any other map app. Any...
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    Shipping courier question

    Hello, I been searching here for information about forwarding shipping companies and so far have found a lot of valuable information. One thing am not able to find is how does payment work for the actual companies? For example, I will send my amazon packages to the Miami address with my...
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    Hello fellow Dr1`s members.

    Hi everyone!! I been lurking here for a long time even before having a family of my own I was already consuming all the great resources that this site has to offer, am actually A Dominican born resident from NJ, I came to live here back in the mid 90`s and now 17 years later am ready to go back...