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    Could anyone provide me with contact information for this property? I can't seem to locate anything in the archives Thank you Janice
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    Rob, it was fun

    As I said to you and others (much to their relief), I am out of here as a poster. I trust you won't mind my using your PM system to a few interesting people I found? Maybe someday, when other people find another hobby, I can ask questions and provide the little knowledge I have of the DR...
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    Tony C

    Montoya was ripped off, he was increasing each lap until he was forced into the infield and damaged his "wing" As I said, I haven't watched much "Indy" of late, but that was a great race janice
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    Peace Process

    How about if I refrain from any direct responses to my Canadian "friends" and they do the same? It would also be of considerable value if innuendo and subtle inferences were not made in replying to theirs, with the sole intent of insulting a third party. Unfortunately, I have to return to the...
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    Finally I understand

    I was wondering why I received so much grief about "bragging" or "who cares what you make." the post regarding the so called "bragging" or what I bill per hour was in direct response to this post, something just pointed out to me. I had no interest or desire to discuss my personal finances, it...
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    A proposition

    Though we obviously won't immediately "like" one another, how about for sensibility we try the following: Post facts or if they are opinions, leave the personalities out of it. I would like to bet who first can't stick to it (Maybe me?), but that would imply I think someone else is not capable...
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    Sports Saturday

    First, It's heartwarming to see many of you spent your Friday evenings discussing me, as PIB stated "It's nice to be talked about." Very early lousy day here, so before I indulge in my addiction (betting), I'll inquire of you all knowing people and perhaps start a little controversy. The easy...
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    English Victory

    While I may not be a fan of soccer, let me be the first to congratulate the English on their victory Janice
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    Real bored

    How many ridges are there on the edge of a US quarter (.25c) No "trick" question, just how many ridges. Janice
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    Miss universe

    Oh how I hate :-) to say it, but I think Miss Canada deserves to win this competition Janice
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    Is it just me?

    Or has this forum deteriorated badly in content and context the last week or so? I hate to admit it, but I have become a bit of an "addict" to reading the various posts of interest and commentary, but something seems to be missing of late. I AM NOT talking about the usual garbage from a...
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    Suggestions for a "Retreat"

    Our office sponsors a yearly "retreat" for both relaxation and policy. We usually end up in some mountain resort or whitewater adventure. Some of the "Girls" in the office are pushing for a warm beach locale this October. Any suggestions for such a location for approximately 80 people? Price...
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    Dominicans in US/Jobs

    So many times people have discussed the "impossibility" of Dominicans getting a visa to the US. I was recently in Atlantic City and at the Foxwoods resort in Ct. There were literally "dozens" of Dominican dealers to the tables. I struck up conversations with several and their English was...
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    Canadian Question

    Though I have used most of today to argue with Canadian's, maybe someone from the Maritimes can provide me with an answer? Last time I was in Halifax I stayed at the Sheraton Harborside. I could walk the pedway North to the casino, then backtrack and "go up the hill" to this marvelous club with...
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    Hotel Hispanolia

    Would anyone be able to provide email, fax or telephone numbers for this property? Thank you
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    Hughes Gold Kwan Bronze
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    Boca Chica

    Anyone going to be in BC March 2-9 that would be interested in catching up for a few drinks and maybe a little inter Island exploring. We are both fenale, mid 30's, haven't scared a man away yet (By looks anyhow :-), maybe with our attitude :-)) Will be staying at Coral Hamaca and hope to have...
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    Robert =Owner?

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    Percentage of tourists

    Just to settle an argumkent with the verbose Scott, does anyone have figures for tourism to the DR (What % from what country)? Scott states and staunchly defends his "knowledge" that only 15% are "Americans," ( I believe he means US citizens), but a breakdown would be nice
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    Doug and Gambling

    Doug, you said that the 0/00 is irrelevant? That further shows your lack of basic startegy. If you aretrying to chase your money in a double regressive method, you are assuming red/blk 505 of the time when in reality the odds are skewed because of the two odd numbers You "big time" market...