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    Teatro Nacional/Sala de Cultural

    Does anyone know of any local theater productions that are performing in the Sala de Cultural at Teatro Nacional?
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    Private Investigator

    A friend called me in distress, needing some advice. He recently partnered with a native and opened a cafe. He discovered his partner was involved previously in a bad business deal. Should anyone know of a private investigator, please respond. PI that is affordable, professional, legitimate and...
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    Re: Racism

    Re: Racism Slave women had no bargaining power whatsoever. They were brutally raped by their slave owners. While some lighter dominicans parade around boasting about the advantage of having lighter skin, one should remember or rather learn their history of how they obtained their color...
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    Tropicana Resort and Hotel...

    I?m staying in the DR at the Tropicana Resort and Hotel. I?m having a wonderful time. I?ll keep you guys posted. Peace, Free
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    Looking for websites about the DR.

    Interested in finding websites about the dominica republic.
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    Need professional fashion photographer

    I desperately looking for a professional fashion photographer based in DR for an upcoming photo shoot. Can anyone tell where I can find one.... Thanks, Free
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    Re: Dreadlocks

    Re: Dreadlocks I agree with Jane that the haters will be men. The women will like it... As long as they are neat and clean, you will have no problem with the women. Also, if you carry self well.. like a caballero... Free
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    Re: Bold women....

    Re: Bold women.... From a woman perspective, I believe the women in DR are beautiful. I told my brother that he should visit DR. There are a lot to choose from. Dominican women are latin but with a sistah flavor. If you know what I mean. I was walking with my boyfriend in the mall in DR...
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    Warrants a discussion.....

    Robert, thanks for informing me that this information ( Relationships) has been covered many times. However, in my response, I address many issues that I think warrants a discussion..... If you choose not to respond that's fine. But, I would like to hear from the others..
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    Re: Can one find true love in Dominica Republic?

    Re: Can one find true love in Dominica Republic? Last summer, I met a wonderful guy in DR. I truly believe that he is my soulmate. Despite the limited resources the island has to offer, Juan, my boyfriend has made something of himself. He is a student at the University and is a single father...