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    US Consulate Experience

    I just returned from my appointment at the US Consulate to replace my lost Passport. It was one of the most degrading and horrific experiences that I have encountered in my many years of traveling. I was treated with no respect and as another US Citizen stated as we waited in lines over 2...
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    Where do you fo to have a Billboard made?

    Does anyone know where one would go and how to go about having a billboard made also banners? (Ine the Puerta Plata area) Thanks
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    Shipping to the DR - Puerto Plata

    We are purchasing a condo and would like to ship some boxes of household items. Does anyone have advice on shipping and what to expect with customs in the DR? Thanks
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    Looking for a fabric/curtain store in POP

    Hi all: I am looking for a fabric/curtain store in Puerto Plata. I believe the name is something like Hilda Lisa and have been told that it has been in business for years. Does anyone know where it is located in POP. I' m leaving next Wed and would like to go there before I leave. Any help...
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    I will be visiting the DR for 4 months from the US. I have been unable to get any answers from the DR Cnsulate here. Where can I find this info? Thanks
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    Does anyone know if there is a Walmart or similiar in the DR. I heard they were building one....I was in Thailand couple of years ago and they had a store similiar to Walmart, but can't remember the name..thought maybe they had a store there? I'm going to Sosua for 4 months this winter and...