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    Horses - free from stalls.

    Living in DR and working with horses, many of them rescued. Using natural training methods inspired by Parelli and other trainers. My horses have acres to frolic and I am delighted to see how calm, healthy and happy they are, especially sound in their hooves. Deciding to post this article from...
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    Edenotre - easement rights and trespass

    Hello, What are the easement rights of utility companies in DR? A high voltage line is crossing my property. There is no contract with Edenorte to allow it and they keep "trespassing" to cut (I should they destroy) my trees in the proximity of the lines every three months. What can be done...
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    Natural Horsemanship, Parelli!

    I live on the north coast and was wondering if there are any other natural trainers/riders out there.
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    Hello, I have just sold a small piece of land from my finca. I was told that a recent law provides that a "deslinde" be done in order to hand title to the buyer for that particular piece of land. I was told 6 to 18 months and RD$100,000 from an agrimensor!!!! I am not surprise with the...
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    I would like recommendations on surveyors. I live on the North Coast circa Cabarete/Sosua. Thanks
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    Pool Safety Fence

    I am looking for a pool safety fence. The type you see everywhere in the US (black mesh with poles in the ground every 4-5 feet). Has anyone seen those around DR?
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    Nowhere to eat good food in Cabarete

    I don't know if my backpacker days are now forever gone and I am becoming an old fart but it seems like I cannot find a single place in Cabarete that serves food a bit more sophisticated than a burger, a pizza or an iceberg salads. I am not hoping to find a Cordon Bleu chef but come on... Buyers...
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    I have been looking for large quantities of buckwheat seeds (alforfon in spanish) without success. Could anyone help or direct to a place, business or person that could assist me. Thanks
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    Hello I am looking for a Shetland Pony, preferably on the North Coast. Any help would be appreciated. G
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    after reading over and over that importing to DR is a pure nightmare, i am having second thoughts on bringing my piano here. where could i find a place that sells piano, preferably Yamaha?
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    Farming Tractor

    I am looking to purchase a second hand tractor to plow land. i am located in the Puerto Plata region. any idea where i could find one?
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    Sailboat on Yasica River

    I have recently read a thread on using DR rivers as natural harbors. i am interested in knowing if the depth of the Yasica river mouth would allow access in and out to the the Ocean for a 4 foot draft sailboat. I am sure the depth varies depending on several factors like tides, rain, waves but...