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    Happy Holidays

    Merry X-Maas and happy New Year to all. We will see you in Twenty Days, Cant wait, It is so cold here Brrrrrrrrr. Rami
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    No Package tours to POP/Sosua

    we met some of you folks last year in Sosua.we are returning this January for a month. friends who came with us last year, want to come and stay at the AI. Guess what? no charter package tour companies are offering DR this winter, we tried Fun jet,Suntrips( we used them last year) Ryan air...
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    For those who like airline info.

    This has nothing to do with DR but I thought that air line nuts here might enjoy this site.
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    Great time in Sosua

    I screwed up again in posting and promptly got chewed out.Wrong thread. Any way, got back from DR last week after 2 weeks there.Stayed at Sosuo bay resort just up from Voodoo Lounge, Pretty decent hotel for the package(AI). Buffet was very good,specialty restaurants,so so. Discovered DR1 site...