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    Vaccines for legal residents? Maybe not...

    The VP said the vaccination program will be based at electorate register. Legal residents, while they have cédula, do not form part of Electorate Register. This would imply the country would not vaccinate legal residents...
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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    Excellent! We're going to beat the record of 2 million infecte dpeople.. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 Nobody is better than us 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Thank you!! To all the animals, thank you to Puerto Plata for being an example on how to fu** the whole country!
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    >>>> MISSING PERSON <<<< SD/PUJ >>>> Have you seen him ? <<<<

    >>>> MISSING PERSON <<<< SD/PUJ >>>> Have you seen him ? <<<< He lives in Bavaro Punta Cana, last seen on Samana to SD bus at 5 pm on Jan 29, 2020. According to the person doing the search, he arrived to SD to a hostel before his intention to continue to Bavaro Punta Cana. He left the...
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    Jarabacoa bus accident

    5 dead, 50 injured, 70 on board Any details about this from our DR1s in Jarabacoa? Was this Caribe Tours bus?
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    Dr1 problem Chrome Android

    I am having problem with DR1 search, after I log in, go to get new posts, I get no new posts displayed, invalid redirect error messages, and the page looks I am logged out... Though when I click back in Forums, I get main forunnoage and I am logged back in . For example on get new posts, I get...
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    Online people trafficking - since when...?

    So the DR authorities are not only going after physical establishments, they are going after online portals as well. The most actual event concerns a case in Bávaro with escort service site operated out of Cocotal villa by a Spanish national. I just cannot come to understand how operating an...
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    Fly to Europe in business for 300 dollars

    You have until 6 pm DR time on June 24 to book this. This is true and real and just google "Iberia 9000" You must book 10 single tickets on Iberia by June 24 (midnight 24 to 25)...
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    For book lovers, Xmas came early this year

    This is the hugest collection of Ebooks I found (600,000+), especially through bots like "Oatmeal" (@Oatmeal) from REDDIT to get a list of all ebooks offered by a bot (@) just type a bot name e.g. @Oatmeal, etc.
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    Good bye PAWA, hello Dominican Wings.

    Dominican Wings, a current charter and ACMI operator in Santo Domingo Las Américas Airport, who has been flying charter service for various international tour operators shuttling tourists to and from the Dominican Republic for the past several years, has announced new investors and change of...
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    Claro painfully slow tonight?

    In the past few weeks I have been experiencing significant speed drops in between 8.30 and 10.30 pm, down to around 4 to 7 mbps from 40 I have, but today it's unbearable. It's bene crawling anywhere around 509 kbps to 1.5 mbps and it's painfully, but painfully slow. I age remotely connected do...
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    Cap Cana, Hazoury, Trump, fraud and deception

    Interesting read of this Univision article about a project in the DR, where everyone lost his money, but Trump came out on top with a windfall. EN: ES...
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    Anybody with Claro Fiber in Bavaro/PUJ area?

    Does any of the posters here who is living in Bavaro/PUJ area have fiber optics internet from Claro? If so, could you please run the following bandwidth test and post me your upload/download result (plus the speed plan you have from Claro) at these sites (testing needs to be between 8 pm and 11...
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    Window and plywood question

    I am curios, would a plywood placed between the iron bars on the outside, and the window, protect the windows' crystal?
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    New Nigerian scam?

    I don't know what to make of this ... I saw an ad in one of the DR classifieds websites, where someone was looking for new homes for German Shepard puppies. This is the response i got... sounds fishy... Hola Gracias por su correo electrónico y el amor que está dispuesto a dar mis...
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    What's your problem, Hlywod?

    Closing two threads where DR1 members were posting useful info to first time visitors, with vary valuable information, which was multiple times thanked for by the OPs... and you find it convenient to close them? It is not those two threads that were getting out of hand, it's your moderation...
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    Migracion more agressive in Bavaro from the article: Migración se “puso las pilas” en la zona turística. Los operativos han aumentado en la zona...
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    Online residency renewal 2 questions

    - Do you pay (buy) this new compulsory insurance before submitting the paperwork online, or after your online submission had been given go ahead to go take the paperwork original to Santo Domingo? - Do you pay residency renewal fee before submitting the paperwork online, or after your online...
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    Bypass online news paywalls

    I found this nice little Chrome extension, enjoy Bypass the following sites' paywalls: The Age ( The Australian ( Baltimore Sun ( Barron's...
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    Netflix error

    I have been having Netflix errors since yesterday. A gray Netflix error page wherever I go within Netflix Netflix Site Error We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below. This is on anything over HTTP. I cannot even get to...
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    LeEco flash sale. Grab your phone now.

    Today only, flash sale started one hour ago. LeEco Le S3 $149 after instant rebate LeEco Le Pro 3 $299 after instant rebate supports all USA/DR GSM/3G/LTE bands can be used on Claro / Orange / Viva both in 2G / 3G / 4G huge 4070 mah battery...