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  1. Marianopolita

    Neutral Spanish vs Dominican Spanish

    I like this video. I think it can answer the question that many people have or always ask. Is there really such thing as neutral Spanish? I think the video is a good start. It has great examples. I caught two errors by the coach though. One very obvious when she said fuistes…..that is wrong. It...
  2. Marianopolita

    Romantic nicknames in Spanish

    Here is a list of romantic nicknames in Spainish. After watching the video, I think all are common except the last one. I have never heard it - churri. BTW- this is another nice video by Antonio from 🇪🇸. A good teacher on You tube from what I have seen so far.
  3. Marianopolita

    Chateando en español

    Text messaging and chatting on social media has become a form of communication for many people. Whether we want to engage or not to a certain extent we are forced to either use or understand this form of communication which is meant to be brief, quick and easy but is often a cryptic form of...
  4. Marianopolita

    Quiz- the Subjunctive

    I just found this quiz in my folder. I am glad I saved it. For some people this grammar topic is really a challenge but practice is the key to understanding it. Here it is: -MP.
  5. Marianopolita

    ‘Why is Caribbean Spanish so hard ?’ - video

    Well, this is interesting. This You Tuber talks about many of the common questions that people have about Caribbean Spanish. He has a noted American English accent but he is Puerto Rican and has a lot Dominican cousins per the video. As well, he used to live in DR. His observations are right on...
  6. Marianopolita

    Expressions with Estar

    Here is a nice video by the You Tuber from Andalucía that I discovered. Once again he does a great job explaining a grammar topic. This time it’s expressions with Estar. He explains the meaning of ten common expressions and gives examples. There are two that I learned from the video. I have...
  7. Marianopolita

    Code switching and Spanglish- Made in Miami news segment

    This segment aired on Telemundo 51 Miami today about Spanglish-Made in Miami. Those who live or visit often and know Miami well should be quite aware of how Spanish is spoken in this city. Spanglish (Hecho en Miami) is its own brand. Many people codeswitch especially the second and third...
  8. Marianopolita

    Me gustan

    This is a challenging grammar point for beginners and beyond because to say I like xxx in Spanish just does not follow the same syntax structure as English. For some people it is easy to understand for others it’s a challenge. I like those shoes = Me gustan esos zapatos 👠 She likes the blouse=...
  9. Marianopolita

    Expressions with Tener

    Without a doubt Tener is one of the most common verbs in Spanish and with it comes a lot of expressions and idioms. Here is a very helpful link for your reference and a quiz to test your knowledge. I will do the quiz later on today Enjoy...
  10. Marianopolita

    Over 1000 practices quizzes - all topics for Spanish learning

    Here is a link that has over a 1000 quizzes for Spanish language learning at all levels. I like the translation exercises which has a lot of grammar topics. BTW- 123 Teach Me is a good website in general for self study in...
  11. Marianopolita

    Spanish idioms quiz

    For some of you this may be a fun way to start your Saturday. Understanding and being able to use idioms or expressions is a vital part of language learning but you go from level to level. Some are universal expressions and some are more regional or local. This is true in Spanish and English...
  12. Marianopolita

    ‘10 alternatives to the typical De nada....You’re welcome in Spanish’

    I just discovered this You Tuber and he has some awesome videos about the Spanish language. I like these alternatives to de nada that he presented. There are a few that I have not heard but I am familiar with the majority. His examples are excellent. ¡Un gran video! -MP.
  13. Marianopolita

    Top 10 cities where the best Spanish is spoken

    I just came across this article/ opinion commentary which was written in July 2020 so very recently in which the writer gives her list of the top ten places where the best Spanish is spoken based on key factors such as accent (easy to understand), clarity of the spoken language, pronunciation...
  14. Marianopolita

    Politeness in Spanish- language and cultural norms

    In the DR or in the Spanish-speaking world you will or will have noticed linguistic and cultural differences compared to your (native language or languages and culture). In my opinion, understanding and expressing politeness in language is tied to many cultural norms. I change the way I speak...
  15. Marianopolita

    That one word in each Spanish-speaking country....

    The Spanish newspaper El País interviewed twenty writers from the Spanish-speaking world and asked them to give one word that best represents the regional vocabulary of their country. This article was done 2014 which is not long ago and having read the list of words and excellent description of...
  16. Marianopolita

    Follow up to the Poll questions....learning Spanish

    The poll responses are just a small sample but I think the answers can give people an idea of some of the challenges faced when learning Spanish. Comprehension and grammar seemed to be most challenging aspects about Spanish based on the poll responses. I think expanding and sharing your...
  17. Marianopolita


    As a spin off from the Word of the day thread I think it deserves a thread on its own. Ojalá means- I wish or I hope in Spanish followed by a verb in the subjunctive (mood). Here are some practice exercises.
  18. Marianopolita

    Which is the best Spanish accent?

    I just stumbled across this article which poses and responds to the common question that many learners have- which is the best Spanish accent? No doubt there is possibility for a wealth of responses but most important to me is the reason behind one’s choice with good examples of the spoken...
  19. Marianopolita

    Word of the day

    Learn a new word in Spanish every day with an example of usage of the word in a phrase.
  20. Marianopolita

    Learning Spanish poll questions

    What do you find most challenging about learning Spanish?